Sync data on Mac with iPhone

SyncMate allows syncing data between your Mac and iPhone: contacts, calendars, images, music, videos, folders with files - all of that and even more will be perfectly synced between Mac and iPhone. Besides syncing, SyncMate allows mounting iPhone as a Mac disk and browsing its content on Mac; working with texts on your computer, backing up iPhone data on Mac, and more.
Compatible with iOS 5.x–12.x devices; mount disk option works only with "user/media" folder on iOS device.

Sync contacts and calendars

Keep your personal data like contacts and calendars updated between Mac and iPhone. No need to add contact or calendar events twice - on Mac and iPhone - just sync them!

Sync folders and media

SyncMate will sync folders with all files they contain from your Mac to iPhone and vice versa. You can also sync media between iTunes and Photos apps on Mac and iPhone.

Mount iPhone as a Mac disk

With SyncMate you can mount your iPhone as a Mac disk and get access to user/media folder directly on Mac. Transfer files between Mac and this folder with a simple drag-and-drop.

And even more!

Besides mentioned above sync options SyncMate allows reading SMS messages and call history on Mac, backing up iPhone data, etc.


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