Looking for Android file transfer utility? You’ve just found one!

The only thing that may upset a Mac owner about their computer is the impossibility to transfer data between Mac and Android devices. Not to mention syncing them.

SyncMate, the app we are proud of, offers you the unique possibility to transfer or sync data on Mac with Android phones and tablets. There are not so many apps that give you full access to Android data on Mac, and SyncMate is probably the most multi-optional among those.

Give us a bit of your attention and we’ll convince you that SyncMate is your one-stop solution for transferring files between Mac and Android.

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Android file transfer for Mac

Briefly about SyncMate

In simple words - SyncMate is like a personal assistant that will sync or transfer data between Mac and Android conveniently and accurately. To say even more - SyncMate is the best sync and transfer app for Mac and Android.

Android file transfer replacement

With the help of SyncMate you can easily mount Android devices as Mac disks and browse the contents of your phone or tablet in Finder just like any other external drive - copying, deleting and moving files by simply dragging them with a mouse cursor is what you've been looking for all along.

Apply Finder features on your Android

All regular Finder features are applicable to your mounted Android device: copy files to multiple folders at a time, move several folders simultaneously, archive several files, etc.

Contacts and Calendars synchronization

There is no fun in adding new calendar events or contacts from Mac to Android, or vice versa - takes too much time and is simply frustrating. Let your fingers rest and let SyncMate update contacts and calendars on your Mac and Android devices.

Let the music inspire you

Have a favorite playlist in iTunes on your Mac? Don't limit yourself to desktop though - sync favorite tracks or complete playlists to your Android phone and sing along wherever you are headed.

Manage photos and videos

Images and videos are also taken care of with SyncMate. And we couldn't let it just be a sync process, we wanted SyncMate to be able to change image resolutions and convert videos to various formats, choosing codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate along the way.

Text from your Mac

Texting is a great way of communicating, but can get a little hard to do when you need to type a larger text with just your thumbs. With SyncMate you can type your Android text messages on your Mac keyboard. View, send, and export Android texts on Mac easily.

Go big - sync whole folders

To make it even easier, you can sync whole folders instead of separate files. You can just use one folder for all the files you wish to keep up-to-date between Mac and Android or sync all folders you wish to be updated on all your devices.

Integration with your favorite apps

SyncMate is not afraid of boring job - in fact it is rather willing to do it all for you! The app works directly with Address Book and Contacts apps as well as with iTunes and Music so that no other third parties are involved in the process, which makes SyncMate faster and safer than a lot of other solutions.

The cherry on top

All sync features of SyncMate are available for automatic synchronization, so that you don't even have to move a finger, while everything is updated quietly in the background.


Still wondering whether you are better off doing all sync manually? No need to, just click the Download button below and test SyncMate Free edition.

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