Browsing Android data directly on Mac

Since there is no built-in option of mounting Android device on Mac and browsing Android content directly in Finder, you have to search for third-party app to do this.

With SyncMate Expert you can mount Android device as Mac disk and browse its content (internal and external storages) in Finder window. You can access all folders and files you have on Android, view, copy, edit and manage images (photos, chat images or downloaded pictures), videos, music, downloaded files and any other data stored on your Android.

So what is SyncMate?

SyncMate is a powerful sync tool that allows syncing data on your Mac with Android devices - phones or tablets. As mentioned above, SyncMate allows mounting Android devices as Mac disks.

SyncMate comes in two editions - Free (allows syncing personal data like contacts and calendars) and Expert (will sync images, videos, music, playlists, folders with files and more). With Expert edition you can manage text messages directly on Mac.

How to view Android files on Mac

These simple steps will explain how to manage Android files on Mac.

  1. Download SyncMate Free edition, install it on your Mac and launch. "Mount disk" option is available in Expert edition so you will need to upgrade your Free version. You can upgrade here (we recommend you to test SyncMate Free Edition prior to upgrading to Expert).
  2. Click ‘Add New’ link in the left panel and choose Android device; connect your Android to your Mac. SyncMate wizard
  3. Once Android device is connected, you can find “Mount disk” option in “Summary” tab. Enable it and your device will be mounted to your Mac as additional Mac disk. Now you can browse, edit and manage Android files directly on your Mac. Mount Android as Mac disk


Besides mentioned above Android devices (Huawei, Samsung, Meizu, etc.), SyncMate will sync data on your Mac with iOS devices, other Mac computers, online accounts and storages (iCloud, Google, Dropbox), Windows services (Outlook, Office 365 Home and
Business editions).

Find more info about supported devices/accounts and sync options for them here.


SyncMate requires OS X 10.10 and is compatible with Android 5.x-10.x devices and iOS 5.x-13.x devices.

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SyncMate Expert

Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 50.9MB size
Version 8.1.475 (30 Mar, 2020) Release notes
Category: System Utilities