Syncing Asus smartphone with Mac is now possible

Yes, you can easily sync Asus smartphones - Zenpads or Zenfones - with your Mac. No matter which model you own - if it runs Android 4.x-9.x, SyncMate will sync data in it with your Mac.

Contacts, calendar events, media files or the whole folders - all of that and even more will be synced between Mac and Asus smartphone.

Asus smartphone sync Mac

Contacts & Calendars FREE

Sync Asus Zenfone contacts with Mac and sync Asus Zenpad calendars with Mac like a pro! SyncMate does it perfectly well and for absolutely free! Simply connect your phone and Mac Mac and have your data up-to-date at all times.

Media and folders sync EXPERT

Ever wanted to keep your media in sync between Mac and Android Asus? SyncMate will sync iTunes or Photos between your devices within several clicks. Not to mention that whole folders with files can be synced between your devices.

Text from Mac EXPERT

Texting on a full-size Mac keyboard is so much easier and faster. SyncMate lets you not only to read your received, deleted, or sent text messages, but also create, delete, send, and export text messages to a file on your computer.

Additional features EXPERT

SyncMate has much more to offer: syncing Safari bookmarks* between your devices and mounting Asus phone as Mac disk to access and manage its content via Finder is also possible. BTW, sync process can be performed automatically.

* Bookmarks sync is supported for Android 3.x-5.x devices only.

Sync your Android phone or tablet

SyncMate is compatible with any Android 4.x-9.x device. You can sync your Mac with Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Meizu, Vivo, Moto Droid, Oppo, Nexus, Samsung devices, Android Nokia, Google Pixel, BlackBerry, Sony Xperia, OnePlus, Acer, Dell, Archos, etc.

Supported Asus models

  • F
  • Fonepad Note FHD6
  • Fonepad 7
  • Fonepad 7 Dual SIM
  • Fonepad 7 (FE171CG)
  • Fonepad 7 (FE375CG)
  • Fonepad 7 (FE375CL)
  • Fonepad 7 (3G)
  • Fonepad 8 (FE380CG)
  • L
  • Asus Live
  • M
  • MeMO Pad 10 (ME103K)
  • MeMO Pad 7 (ME572CL)
  • MeMO Pad 7 (ME572C)
  • MeMO Pad 8 (ME181C)
  • MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C)
  • MeMO Pad 8 (ME581CL)
We cannot physically test compatibility of all these devices with SyncMate, so please, try SyncMate Free edition prior to purchasing Expert.


Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+
61.49MB free space
Version 7.3.427 (20th Dec, 2018) Release notes
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