How to fix a non-working Android file transfer

As you probably know, Android File Transfer hasn’t been updated for several years, so it’s no wonder that it doesn’t work properly with all devices (Android ones, as well as the latest Mac OS) and, to tell the truth, a little bit outdated when it comes to functionality.

So don’t ask us “How to fix Android File Transfer?” - we do not know.

What we really know is that there is a bulk of Android file transfer alternatives. But why download and test numerous apps that may even not work if you are already reading this article about SyncMate?

Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll convince you that SyncMate is the only app for data sync and transfer you might need for your Android and Mac.
Sync Android with Mac

Get to know SyncMate

To put is simple, SyncMate is an all-in-one Mac-and-Android sync tool for all your data that is the most logical Android File Transfer replacement. And it is the best of its kind.

Android file transfer alternative

If you need a quick and easy access to the contents of your Android device, you can mount it as a Mac disk with syncMate and browse it from Finder, while copying or removing files just as you would do on any other local drive on Mac.

Finder functionality on your Android

Just to expand a little bit: all things you do in Finder in your Mac folders, you can do with Android folders: copy to several folders at a time, move several folders simultaneously, archive a bulk of files, and so on.

Contacts and Calendar sync

There is no fun in adding events or new contact details on each of your devices. Just add it once either on Mac or Android, and then SyncMate will take care of syncing it into your other devices.

Let the music be your guide

There is a playlist in your iTunes you especially love? Don't limit those sounds to your computer! With SyncMate you can sync separate tracks or full playlists from Mac to Android and dance to your favorite tunes on the go!

Manage photos and videos

To think that the transfer of data between Mac and Android can be an issue! Not with SyncMate though. Videos, images, is there anything this app can't sync? We don't think so! Also SyncMate allows converting images and videos to other formats supported by different devices.

Send texts from Mac

Texting is a great way of communication, but typing meaningful messages on a phone keyboard is so discouraging. With SyncMate you can type away on your full size keyboard! Also you can fully manage your text messages on Mac, including exporting them to file and keeping them for history sake.

Sync folders full of files

If you have a folder that you are constantly working with, it is good to keep all documents there up-to-date, so you can access them on your phone or tablet and pick up where you left off. SyncMate can do this automatically in the background.

Apps integration

The main goal of SyncMate is to provide you with true sync, not just backup archives or move files back and forth. SyncMate works with such apps as Contacts/Address Book and iTunes/Music directly.

And you don't even have to move a finger

Well, maybe once, when you are setting the automatic sync up. Once you adjusted settings up to your convenience, you can forget about updating stuff between your Mac and Android, as SyncMate will do it all quietly in the background.


Still wondering if you really need to transfer data from Android to Mac or vice versa? You can always download free SyncMate and put it up to a good test. Let us know what you think!

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