Install SyncMate Module on Your Android Device

We strongly advise to establish the first connection between your Mac and your Android device via USB cable. In this case SyncMate module will be automatically sent and installed on your Android device.

If you still want to establish the first connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  1. Download Android module of SyncMate on your phone or tablet using this QR code.

  2. SyncMate module for Android

  3. Go to the “Downloads” folder and launch SyncMate.apk.

  4. Depending on your phone settings you may receive an alert that the app installation is blocked.

    Install blocked

    Click “Settings” → enable “Unknown sources” option.

  5. Launch the installation of SyncMate.apk again.

  6. From now on, you can establish connection between your Mac and your Android device not only via USB cable, but via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well.

Note: These steps are for the first-time connection only, when SyncMate module for Android is not yet installed on your device. Once SyncMate module is installed on your Android device, you can connect it to your Mac in any way you prefer - via USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.