How to sync Android device with Mac

Keeping data in sync between your Mac and Android can be a real headache as Apple does not offer any built-in options for syncing with Android devices. You will need a third-party app to keep data in sync between Mac and your Android.

One of such apps is SyncMate, a powerful tool for keeping data on your Mac and Android up-to-date.

So how to sync Android device with Mac using SyncMate?

SyncMate is an ultimate tool that will sync Android device with Mac. Doesn't matter which model of tablet or phone you own, if it runs Android 4.x-9.x, SyncMate will sync it.

SyncMate is offered in two editions, Free and Expert. While Free edition allows syncing personal data like contacts and calendars between Mac and any of supported devices, Expert edition offers wider range of sync options, like possibility to sync images, music, folders, mount Android as Mac disk, manage text messages, etc. (the full list of sync options offered for Android can be found here).

Below we’ve described the process of data sync between Mac and Android device step-by-step for your convenience.

  1. Download and install SyncMate Free edition to your Mac. Once SyncMate is installed, launch it to display the main window.
  2. In the left pane click “Add new” and choose Android device from the list of supported ones; connect it to your Mac.
  3. Connect Android to your Mac
  4. Press "+" button in the top panel and check the plugins list. Choose data you want to sync and specify sync parameters. SyncMate sync plugins If you need to sync contacts and calendars only, Free edition will be enough for you. But if you want to sync media or folders with files, etc., you will need to upgrade Free version to Expert. This can be done here.
  5. Once parameters are set, click “Sync” and have a cup of coffee while SyncMate is updating your data.
  6. How to sync Android device


No doubt, SyncMate is one the best apps to sync Android device with Mac, but besides already mentioned Android devices, SyncMate allows syncing data between Mac and iOS devices, other Macs, mounted and MTP devices, Google, Dropbox and iCloud accounts, Windows services (Outlook, Office 365).

The full list of supported devices and sync options offered for each of them can be found here.


SyncMate requires OS X 10.10 and newer and is compatible with Android 5.x-10.x devices and iOS 5.x-13.x devices.

SyncMate Expert

Requirements: OS X 10.10++ , 48.51MB size
Version 8.1.475 (31st Mar, 2020) Release notes
Category: Utilities
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