How to Sync Huawei with Mac Easily?

Ever wanted to keep data updated between Mac and Huawei? Forget about updating contacts and calendar events manually or downloading the same songs on your Mac and Huawei phone every time.

Stop wasting your precious time on what can be done faster or even automatically. SyncMate, a perfect HiSuite Huawei for Mac alternative, will update all data you have in your Huawei smartphone with Mac and vice versa.

Bet you are interested. Keep on reading to learn more about all sync possibilities SyncMate gives you.
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1. How to Sync Huawei Contacts with Mac

There are not many options available when it comes to syncing contacts on your Huawei mobile device with your Mac computer. Therefore, this section focuses on one option that we think will be your best bet for accomplishing this.

We believe that the best way to get the contacts from your Huawei mobile device onto your Mac computer is by using an application called SyncMate. Syncmate allows you to connect Huawei to Mac in a way that previously wasn’t possible. This program allows you to easily sync your contacts and data on your mobile device with your computer, provided that your computer runs on Windows via its Hisuite app, but there is no Hisuite for Mac software available from Huawei. So, what’s a Mac user to do? Download SyncMate!

Here’s a short guide on how to sync your contacts from your Huawei mobile device onto your Mac computer via SyncMate:

  1. Download SyncMate for Android.
  2. Install this software onto your Mac computer. There is a “pro” option available, which has more sync options and customizable settings, but you do not have the upgrade to this option in order to perform a simple Huawei to Mac sync.
  3. Open SyncMate, and click the “Add New (+)” on the left side of the program. Then, choose “Android device” for your Huawei phone.
  4. You’ll see a variety of tabs at the top of your screen, navigate to the right of these tabs and click the “+” button. Next, specify your sync parameters.
  5. Once you’ve chosen your parameters, click “Sync” and your contacts will be synced between your Huawei device and your Mac computer.

2. How to Sync Photos from Huawei to Mac

There are a few different applications available for downloading the photos you’ve taken with your Huawei mobile device onto your Mac computer. In this section, we will explore some of these options, and present you with what we believe is the best solution.

Using SyncMate to Sync:

Huawei photo sync software

  1. Again, connect your Huawei mobile device to your Mac computer via the USB cord.
  2. Download SyncMate. You will need to upgrade to the Expert edition for $39.95 in order to sync multimedia files like photos and videos.
  3. After you’ve upgraded, open SyncMate and click on the “Add New” button on the left-hand menu. Choose “Android”.
  4. Then, press the “+” button on the top menu and choose “Photos” from the list of plugins.
  5. Specify your sync parameters, such as which albums or folders you’d like to sync and which you would not.
  6. SyncMate also allows you to manage your conversion settings. This means you are able to pick the type of file and quality of the images you’re syncing.

Using Android File Transfer to Sync:

  1. Connect your Huawei phone to your Mac via the USB cord and click “Yes”, then “Allow Access” on your phone to confirm that you’d like to transfer files.
  2. Install and launch Android File Transfer on your Mac.
  3. Click “DCIM”, then choose “Camera folder”.
  4. Select which photos you’d like to transfer, then hold and drag these files into the “Documents” folder on your Mac.

3. How to Sync Huawei Music with Mac

Transferring music from your Huawei phone to your Mac computer and vice versa is, unfortunately, not an automatic process, so you will need to download a separate application to do so. There are only a few options out there, and we believe that SyncMate provides you with the best features at the best price.

Here’s how to sync music from your Huawei device onto your Mac computer:

Huawei music sync software

  1. Download SyncMate and upgrade to the Expert edition in order to sync music.
  2. Once you’ve upgraded, click the “Add new” button on the left-hand side of the app and choose “Android”.
  3. Then, press the “+” button at the top right-hand corner and choose “Music” from the plugins list.
  4. You’ll then be able to choose parameters, such as which playlists, genres, albums, and/or artists you’d like to sync between your two devices.
  5. Choose which folder on your Mac you’d like the music from your Huawei mobile device to transfer into, and click “Sync”.

4. The main features of SyncMate

Huawei Mate 10 file transfer replacement

About SyncMate

To put it simply, SyncMate is like a highly qualified personal assistant for all data sync and transfer between Mac and Huawei smartphones. To say some more - SyncMate will quickly become your best sync and transfer app for Mac and Huawei.

Android file transfer replacement

With SyncMate, our Huawei HiSuite at hand, you can easily map Android Huawei as Mac disk to be able to access and browse your phone or tablet contents in Finder just like you would with any other external drive - manage files (including copy, delete and move) with your mouse cursor.

Finder features on Huawei

Apply Finder features on your Huawei

Once you have mounted Huawei smartphone on your Mac, you can use all Finder options to copy files to multiple folders at one, move several folders concurrently, archive several files, and more.

Contacts and Calendars synchronization

It can get quite frustrating to have to add new calendar events or newly acquired contact information to Mac and Huawei separately. Let your fingers have much needed rest and let SyncMate update contacts and calendars on your Mac and Huawei.

Let the music guide you

If there is a playlist in your Music that you can't stop listening at work, why not take it for a spin on your Huawei? SyncMate will ensure all tracks are accurately synced and you can sing along wherever you go.

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computer and your Android device connected via USB.
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Manage photos and videos

SyncMate takes good care of your photos and videos and updates them on both device and computer accordingly. And it makes it even better, it is not just plain synchronization - you can actually change image resolutions and convert videos to various formats, choosing codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate before you sync.

Text from your Mac

We call SyncMate your assistant for a reason. Among all things it can do it also allows you to communicate with the world more conveniently. You can effortlessly create, send, read, or even delete your text messages on your full-sized computer keyboard. SMS Export is also available.

Go big - sync whole folders

You can sync entire folders instead of separate files between your Mac and smartphone. As a tip you can set up one folder to be automatically synced, and throw any file you need to be accessible everywhere in that folder whenever there is a need.

Integration with your favorite apps

SyncMate is a hard worker and it doesn't delegate! The app works directly with Address Book and Contacts apps as well as with Music on Mac and Music in Android and doesn't involve any other apps or services, which certainly makes SyncMate a perfect Huawei HiSuite replacement.

The icing on the cake

Any of your favorite sync features can be automated, so you don't even have to remember to initiate the sync - SyncMate will update everything quietly in the background.

Sync your Android phone or tablet

SyncMate is compatible with any Android 5.x-10.x device. You can sync your Mac with:

5. All You Wanted to Know about Mac Android Synchronization

In this section, we will go over some FAQs about syncing the data on your Huawei mobile device with your Mac computer.

It used to be impossible to sync data between your Huawei (Android) phone and your Mac computer, but since SyncMate was released, this is no longer true! SyncMate is an application that allows you to easily access and transfer all types of data between your Huawei mobile device and your Mac computer.
SyncMate is guaranteed to work on ALL Huawei Android phones, from 5.x-10.x.
Depending on the model of your Huawei phone and the software and/or operating system you’re running on your Mac computer, sometimes the Android File Transfer application will not work for you. In this instance, SyncMate will come in handy as a quality program by which to transfer files.

Your options for syncing various types of data between your Huawei mobile device and your Mac computer are few and far between. There are a couple of other downloadable apps for doing so, but we believe SyncMate sticks out because:

  • It doesn’t use third-party apps or storage to sync your data, so you can be sure your files are safe and secure.
  • SyncMate doesn’t limit the number of devices that you can connect and sync with your Mac.
  • SyncMate supports the widest range of file and data types among its competitors.
SyncMate is far more flexible and intuitive to use than Google’s suite of online services. SyncMate allows you to choose which data you’d like to sync between your devices, and which data you would not like to sync, whereas Google’s online suite automatically syncs all data. SyncMate also offers bi-directional syncing services: Choose between Mac to Huawei or Huawei to Mac.

It used to be impossible to sync data between Huawei Android devices and Mac computers, and vice versa. Over the last few years, a few applications have sprung up to satisfy this lack of options, but we believe that SyncMate is your best choice for doing so.

We hope this article has provided you with some options to choose between, and demonstrated how to use and navigate these options in order to choose which application works best for your needs.

We firmly believe that SyncMate offers the most high-quality options for the best price, which is why this application is featured so prominently in this article. Happy syncing!

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