Any reliable iOS sync Mac solution?

There is no way you want to waste your time on updating contacts or calendar events on Mac and iOS device by hand, we are pretty sure, you'll want an app that will sync iOS and Mac automatically.

On the other hand, there is no possibility to map iOS device to Mac to browse its content in Finder, so a third-party app is needed. Well, good news is, there is an app that can offer both: personal data and media files sync as well as the possibility to mount iOS devices as Mac disks.

There is a perfect solution to this - SyncMate - that will not just connect iOS devices and your Mac for browsing the media content in Finder app, but will also give you the opportunity of direct Mac iOS synchronization.

No matter which iOS device you own - iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - SyncMate will sync it.

Keep on reading to learn more details and see what exactly this iOS synchronize Mac tool offers.

Mount iOS as Mac disk

Mount iOS on Mac as a disk

Mounting your iOS device as Mac disk is as easy as can be if you use SyncMate - connect device to your computer, use "Mount disk" option and you'll see the media folder of your device in the Finder app (/User/Media).
Hopefully in the future we'll have the possibility to let you manage more iOS folders, but for now Apple limits the access for developers.

Sync personal data

Syncing iOS with Mac is not limited to files, SyncMate lets you synchronize personal data like Contacts and Calendars between your Mac and iOS devices. This means you don't have to update contacts and calendar events manually on each of your devices - SyncMate syncs everything directly without any cloud storages involved.
Contacts and Calendars sync for Mac and iOS is free!

Synchronize folders

With SyncMate Expert there is no need to transfer files one by one between your Mac and iOS device, media folder can be synced by the app.
Note that files transferred from Mac to iOS device will only be available for storage, while files transferred from iOS to Mac will be available for usage.

Convenient Internet surfing

Whenever you are browsing the web and stumbling upon great websites that you plan to visit again, you can bookmark them and then sync your Mac Safari bookmarks with iOS browser to make them available right away on your phone or tablet.

Media files sync

SyncMate Expert is a great time-saving option for syncing iOS with Mac iTunes and Photos content. You can transfer music from your iPhone to any Mac computer and you still have your music on iPhone intact and not replaced by music you had on your Mac.
Sync is possible only with ~/User/Media folder on iOS device.

Automatic and background Mac iOS synchronization

Not only does SyncMate Expert works flawlessly it also works quietly and in the background without bothering you and interfering with your other work. All connected devices get the data updates automatically whenever you change something on Mac.

Additional non-sync options

SyncMate Expert also offers a full spectrum of SMS messages management on Mac, while free version allows you to read texts on Mac's big screen. You can also backup iOS data on Mac to keep it safe and restore when needed.


No need to contemplate whether to get SyncMate Expert right now or not - you can always get a free version that offers the most essential syncing options and try it out thoroughly.

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