How to transfer data between iPad and Mac?

What if we told you that you can use just one single app for multiple iPad file transfer tasks and synchronization of its content with Mac? One SyncMate can handle everything professionally and efficiently!

What makes SyncMate so unique is that also lets you mount iPad on Mac and browse its files in Finder the same way you would do with other external disks. SyncMate offers you Mac iPad file transfer and tops it off with the direct synchronization for Mac and iPad.

Scroll down for all great things SyncMate has to offer for iPad data transfer on Mac.

Mount iPad as Mac disk

Mount and transfer files between Mac and iPad

SyncMate provides you with an easy access to your iPad Media folder contents directly from Finder. Currently because of the specifics of iOS the file transfer is performed through Media folder only.

How to transfer iPad files on Mac

Once you have your iPad mounted with the help of SyncMate Expert, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to transfer iPad data on Mac: simply drag the files with a mouse cursor from media folder to your computer. Please keep in mind that when you are moving files from Mac to iPad, they are only available for storage (due to iOS limitations).

Transfer contacts and calendars

Smooth personal data sync is SyncMate's strong suit - contacts and calendar events are meticulously updated between iPad and Mac. And a pleasant bonus is - everything will be synced for free.

Sync Media folder content

Keep your media folder up-to-date between your devices. Whenever you add something new there, it will be updated on Mac and iPad. However don't forget that iOS specifics limit the usage of files synced to iPad, whereas files synced to Mac are fully available for usage.

Sync bookmarks

No need to try and remember your favorite web pages and type them in manually. Your Safari bookmarks can be synced by SyncMate Expert for instant access on all of your devices.

Sync images and music

iTunes and Photos content can be synced directly between iPad and Mac without any intermediary apps or clouds. Automatic synchronization of images and music will save you a lot of time and your favorite content will always be up-to-date.

Sync is performed with ~/User/Media folder on iPad.

Automatic sync in the background

If you are using SyncMate for many synchronization tasks, you will find the automatic sync extremely convenient - just set all needed parameters once and from then on SyncMate will do all the work quietly in the background.

Wait, SyncMate can do more!

SyncMate is a universal application, capable of replacing a bunch of various apps for your convenience. You also have the possibility to backup your iPad data and restore the backup if needed.


If you are searching for a can-do-it-all app for Mac data transfer with iPad, don't wait any longer and try free SyncMate to see how it will suit your requirements.

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