iPhone 7 file transfer: sync data between Mac & iPhone

Being able to transfer files between Mac and iPhone 7 is an important convenience that helps you keep your important data up-to-date between computer and phone.

SyncMate is a powerful iPhone 7 file transfer Mac app that allows you to mount your iPhone on computer as an external disk, so that you can access its file in Finder. Not only SyncMate will help you transfer iPhone 7 files on Mac, but it will also offer the direct synchronization for Mac and iPhone.

Read on for more information on iPhone 7 data transfer with Mac.
Mount iPhone 7 as Mac disk

How to transfer iPhone 7 data on Mac

You can mount your iPhone 7 as a Mac disk with SyncMate Expert and access iOS media folder in your Finder app. (/User/Media). Currently this is the only folder that can be used because of the limitations of Apple's iOS.

Mac data transfer iPhone 7

Once you successfully mounted iPhone on Mac you can transfer files from Media folder to a folder on Mac with your mouse cursor. Note that if you decide to move some files from computer to phone, those files will be stored on iPhone but not accessible (again - iOS limitations).

Contacts and Calendars transfer for iPhone 7

Not only iPhone 7 file transfer for Mac is performed smoothly by SyncMate, but also contacts and calendars are synchronized meticulously between iPhone and computer. You won't have to update contact info or events manually - SyncMate takes care of this data and does it for free!

Sync folders

For iPhone and Mac synchronization SyncMate will update Media folder contents, so whenever you add something new to it, it appears on both sides.

Note the iOS usage limitations though: files copied to iPhone will only be stored there, and those synced from iPhone to Mac will be available for usage.

Sync bookmarks

You can sync your Safari bookmarks on iPhone 7 and Mac and access your favorite web pages instantly on any of your devices.

Sync photos and music

Isn't it super convenient to be able to sync your Music and Photos between Mac and iPhone? It will surely save lots of time and effort and your favorite tunes and photos will always be with you.

Sync is performed with ~/User/Media folder on iPhone.

Sync in the background automatically

SyncMate offers fully automatic Mac iPhone 7 file transfer. You'll just need to adjust the preferences once, and from then on everything will be quietly updated in the background according to your settings.

Great additional features

Additionally to iPhone 7 data transfer with Mac, SyncMate has some great possibilities up its sleeve. You can manage your text messages on Mac - create, send, read, delete with ease. And you can browse your call history and export it to a file. Also there is the Backup plugin for those wishing to keep a reserve copy for your iPhone to restore it whenever there is a need.


SyncMate knows how to transfer iPhone 7 data on Mac and does it with the best results. Don't worry, you don't have to believe us just like that - you can actually download free SyncMate and test its capabilities!

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