Transfer files between Mac and iPhone in several clicks

Keeping all your data in sync between Mac and iPhone is important, but doing it all manually is too much hassle and can be just a waste of time.

As you probably know there is no native functionality to mount an iPhone on your Mac to access its files easily. However many users seek a software that wouldn't only allow Mac iPhone file transfer but would also allow you to sync personal data and media file between the two.

A perfect solution is not always easy to find, but we've got one for you. It's SyncMate! This app doesn't just connect iPhone to your Mac for easy browsing through Finder, but also allows smooth and direct synchronization and Mac data transfer to iPhone.

Let us tell you more about this iPhone file transfer Mac app.

Mount iPhone as Mac disk

Mount iPhone for data transfer on Mac

With SyncMate Expert you can mount your iPhone as Mac disk and easily see and access iOS media folder in Finder (/User/Media). For rightnow, Media is the only folder accessible from Finder due to strict limitations of Apple's iOS.

Transfer files between Mac and iPhone

When your iPhone is mounted you can move files from its media folder to Mac simply by dragging them with mouse cursor. As for moving data from Mac to phone, it cannot be read on iPhone directly, only stored (due to iOS limitations).

Sync personal data

Additionally to being a highly effective iPhone file transfer for Mac tool, SyncMate offers an efficient personal data synchronization, which includes contacts and calendar events. This means you don't have to update contact info manually or add calendar events separately - SyncMate will sync them on all your devices for free.

Sync folders

With SyncMate Expert you can synchronize your media folder between iPhone and Mac, which means you won't have to transfer each file manually.
Please note that due to iOS limitations, files copied from your computer to iPhone will only be available for storage, whereas files transferred from iPhone to Mac will be available for usage.

Sync bookmarks

Your Safari bookmarks can be synced with SyncMate and you can access your favorite pages anytime on the go.

Sync photos and music

SyncMate Expert will take care of your Music and Photos content too! No need to stress the fact that syncing your images and media content automatically saves a lot of time and keeps your favorite stuff always available.

Sync is performed with ~/User/Media folder on iPhone.

Sync automatically and in the background

Without you even noticing, everything you need to be synced will be quietly updated in the background, so both your iPhone and Mac will have the latest changes applied up to your preferences.

Some additional features

Other handy options offered by SyncMate include the possibility to manage your text messages on Mac. Texting from full-sized keyboard is much more convenient! Also you can browse and export your call history to a file. You can also backup your iPhone on Mac and restore whenever needed.


If you are not sure whether SyncMate is the right app for you, you can just get its free version and see for yourself. And you can always contact our support team if you have any questions.

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