iPod Nano

Sync Mac with iPod Nano

If you have a folder with numerous files on Mac and need to keep it synced with your iPod Nano, use SyncMate 4. It will sync not just folders with files, but media files like images, videos and music between these devices. No need to transfer each file manually, just sync!
Compatible with iPod Nano (tested with 3rd and 5th generations); requires Mac OS X versions 10.6.6 - 10.8.5.
For later versions of macOS use SyncMate 8.

Sync iTunes

SyncMate 4 allows syncing iTunes playlists between Mac and iPod Nano, so all of your fave tracks and playlists will be perfectly synchronized on both devices.

Multiple sync

BTW, SyncMate doesn't limit the quantity of Macs you can sync your iPod Nano with. Doesn't matter how many Macs or iPods you have, all of them will be perfectly synced!

Sync Photos

Though iPods Nano are not the most convenient devices for viewing photos, agree, it is always a pleasure to surf your favorite photos while listening to your favorite tracks.

Back up iPod Nano data on Mac

Backup plugin gives you the opportunity to back up data from your iPod Nano on Mac and easily restore it using time marks.

Options available for iPod

Options Device to Mac Mac to Device Both directions
Pictures, Videos & Music

SyncMate 4

Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 - 10.8.5
41.17MB free space
Version 4.1.1897 (27 Jul, 2012) Release notes
Download Total downloads: 467,664
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