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Sync data on Mac with iPod touch

Keeping data on Mac in sync with your iPod touch is now possible. If you have SyncMate of course. SyncMate will sync personal data, media files, separate folders and more between iPod touch and your Mac. It also offers non-sync options like mounting and back up. Keep reading to learn more.
Compatible with iOS 5.x–12.x devices; mount disk option works only with "user/media" folder on iOS device.

Contacts and calendars sync

Need to keep contacts and calendar events in sync between Mac and iPod touch? SyncMate can do this for you. Make sure your contacts and calendars are safe and backed up on all of your iOS devices.

Sync folders and media

Syncing files between Mac and iPod touch is also possible with SyncMate. No matter what you want to sync - images, videos, music, or separate folders with files - SyncMate can handle this.
Sync is possible only with ~/User/Media folder on iOS device. EXPERT

Mount iPod touch as Mac disk

SyncMate allows mounting iPod touch as Mac disk and browsing its content in Finder (works with user/media folder). Benefit from transferring Mac files to this folder and vice versa with a simple drag-n-drop.

Get more options

SyncMate allows backup of data on iPod touch to your Mac so that you can restore it when required. Did we mention that sync process is performed in the background and can be automated? Yes, it can.
Sync iPod touch with Mac

Options available for iPod touch

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