Best apps to synchronize your Mac with Android Huawei in 2020

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Android devices are not Apple products unlike Mac computers. And that probably causes the issue for those who have a Mac OS X but are not interested in iPhone. Now how do you sync your macOS and an Android device?

There is an app offered by Google for synchronization with Android phones called Android File Transfer, however it doesn't have a versatile functionality and didn't have updates since 2012. In order to truly synchronize Mac and Android you'll need a high-quality third party sync tool. We've done some research and lined out top choices for Mac OS X and Huawei synchronization.

Our list of best apps to sync data between macOS and Huawei

Software to sync Huawei with Mac

1. SyncMate for Huawei and Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 50.9MB free space. Version 8.1.475. (30 Mar, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 374+ users, Reviews(978)
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This one landed the first place in our list thanks to its versatility and rich functionality. SyncMate offers sync features along with non-sync ones. And when we speak about syncing it is the real sync that SyncMate offers for Huawei and Mac, not just file transfer to unpack and backup.


With SyncMate you can sync contacts and calendars between Mac OS X and Huawei device, as well as music files, playlists, folders with files, bookmarks, etc. More options available are those that allow you to mount your Huawei as macOS disk, manage your text messages completely and work with your call history on a computer screen. SyncMate is also pretty versatile in the amount of types of devices it supports, so if you have more devices to sync additionally to your Huawei this app will have you covered.

2. doubleTwist for Huawei and Mac

doubleTwist is the app for syncing the media files between Mac OS X and Android devices. The Android client of the app keeps your media well organized, syncs and creates data backups. The interface is neat and friendly and if you only need to sync media files go for this app, however if you happen to need other data synchronization or backup, you might consider something with a broader feature spectrum.

3. Android File Transfer for Huawei and Mac

Android File Transfer is developed by Google for transferring of your files between your Apple computer and Android device. Getting an app like this for free is pretty cool, however there are downsides to this solution. It cannot sync personal data and won't transfer more than one file at a time.

Android File Transfer
4. Droid NAS for Huawei and Mac

This utility allows sharing folders over a wireless network, so that your Huawei device is visible as a Bonjour computer in Finder on your macOS. With its intuitive interface it is easy to work with SD card, Camera, Downloads, Music, and Photos folders. Droid NAS doesn't work with personal data like calendars and contacts and doesn't sync the files, rather just transfers them.

Droid NAS
5. Cloud services for Huawei and Mac

And another way of keeping all in sync is using the ever accessible clouds. Using a cloud storage for synchronization of Mac OS X and Android device adds an extra participant, and a step, but can be rather efficient for many.


Dropbox is a very popular solution that allows impressive size of free storage and lets you get even more free storage for involving friends in using this service. Upload all sorts of files to your Dropbox account and download what you need on your macOS or Android device. Dropbox allows easy sharing of data with other people even if they don't have Dropbox accounts, however it is also not a true sync, it is rather backup - unpack solution.


Next cloud storage is SugarSync that also offers file transfer and sharing files with other people. A neat option it offers is the removal of all synced files from your computer in case it was misplaced.

The two above services unfortunately don't work with your calendars and contacts unlike the last one we are going to look at, namely Google Drive. It will not only upload files but will keep your contacts and calendars safe.

The apps and cloud services we reviewed here are all great and depending on what you want to sync or transfer we are sure you'll find a perfect match for your Mac and Huawei device.