An easy way to move Android data to iPhone for free

So, you are an iPhone user who had Android previously and you are looking for a reliable solution to move the most important data like contacts and calendars from iPhone to Android. And, what’s important, this app must be free. Nodding? You found it.

SyncMate is a powerful app that will move contacts and calendars from your Android to iPhone and vice versa within several clicks. To intrigue you even more - SyncMate will move your contacts and calendars between Android and Mac for absolutely free. So why not to give it a try?

Plus, you can avoid syncing your personal data with the cloud, because SyncMate transfers everything directly between the apps.

NOTE. SyncMate works on Mac, so your Android and iPhone will be synced via Mac, i.e. data will be first moved from Android to your Mac and then from Mac to iPhone (or vice versa).
Move Android contacts to iPhone address book

Move Android contacts to iPhone address book

Bet, the most important data you have in your device are contacts. You can’t move them to the cloud and upload to your new device as cloud storages cannot do this.
This is where SyncMate comes in handy.
It will flawlessly move all contacts you have in Android address book to iPhone Contacts (as we mentioned above, sync process is performed via Mac, so contacts will first be moved from Android to Mac and then from Mac to iPhone).

Move events from Android calendar to iPhone

Forget about moving all events you have in Android to your Phone manually and one by one. This really frustrates. And the same as with contacts - even if you backup Android calendar events to the cloud, they will be moved to iPhone as a backup file, not as events in iCal themselves.
SyncMate, in its turn, will move calendar events directly between apps, ensuring you won’t miss any appointment.

Moving Android media to iPhone

Would be great if SyncMate could transfer media files between iPhone and Android, but due to iOS limitations, this is impossible for now. The best developers from Eltima are working on adding the possibility of moving this data between Android and iPhone.

Extra options SyncMate offers for Mac users

As mentioned above, SyncMate moves data between Android and iPhone via Mac. This means that all data is synced between Android and Mac and between iPhone and Mac.
Below are the most interesting facts about SyncMate as a Mac sync tool.

Mac Android synchronization

Besides mentioned above contacts and calendars, SyncMate Expert allows syncing images, videos, music, playlists and folders with files between Mac and Android.
Moreover, you can mount Android as Mac disk and view Android content in Finder, manage Android texts directly on Mac, sync data automatically or backup Android data on Mac.
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iPhone Mac synchronization

Due to iOS limitations, SyncMate allows syncing contacts, calendars and folders from Mac to iPhone and vice versa, while other data like images, videos and music can be synced from iPhone to Mac only. No possibility to upload this data on iPhone for now.
You can mount iPhone as Mac disk, sync data between Mac and iPhone automatically and backup iPhone data on Mac.
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You’re a click away from perfect data transfer between Android and iPhone. SyncMate is free, give it a try.

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