Synchronize any data between Mac and Nubia phones with SyncMate!

If you happen to be on the hunt for a perfect Nubia sync Mac software, we have great news! It's right here! SyncMate is a versatile app for macOS that will update, sync and transfer data between your Mac OS X and Nubia device.

The team behind this app does their best to deliver a product that works smoothly and accurately. Just a couple of easy clicks and you'll be able to synchronize Nubia and Mac quickly and even automatically in the background while you are working on other important projects.
Android Nubia sync Mac
Nubia synchronize Mac

About Nubia transfer Mac app

SyncMate is a very effective way to synchronize Nubia and Mac OS X computer. This app is simply indispensable for meticulous and diligent sync of different types of data between your computer and smartphone. We are sure you'll be rather pleased with an array of options this app offers.

An alternative for Android file transfer

Doesn't it sound wonderful to be able to manage files on Nubia as easily as on computer drives? With our Mac Nubia synchronization tool you can conveniently access files on your smartphone and work with them in your Finder.

Finder features for Android Nubia

Use Finder options on your Nubia

Once mounted, your Nubia device is treated by your Finder app as one of those external drives you can connect to your computer. Naturally, you can apply all handy options the Finder app offers, when managing files on Nubia: copy files to several folders simultaneously, move several folders at once, archive many files at once, and so on.

Syncing Nubia and Mac Contacts and Calendars

It's no fun to have to manually update contact information and schedule events on each of your devices: smartphone, computer, tablet, you name it. With SyncMate you'll only have to add new entries on one device and from there SyncMate will take the lead and make sure every device has the latest data.

Don't leave the house without music

If you have a favorite playlist in iTunes on your macOS machine you are not limited to listen to it only there. You can sync it with your Nubia device and listen to the pleasing tracks on the go.

Manage photos and videos

Our Mac Nubia sync software will take care of your images and videos - you'll have the latest content on both your Mac and Nubia. Whenever you devices are connected, your files will be synced with a possibility to change image resolution before the process commences; convert videos to other formats; change codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate for videos.

Texting from Mac

SyncMate is the perfect texting assistant - it makes typing all those messages so much easier. You get to compose, send, read, or delete text messages with the help of your full-sized computer keyboard and on big Mac screen. You can also export SMS messages to a file.

Transfer folders between Nubia and Mac

With SyncMate you can transfer entire folders between your macOS and Android device. And here is a tip from us: set up automatic sync for a folder, and just save all files, you need to be accessible on each of your devices, to that folder.

Direct sync with native apps

Whatever you sync with SyncMate between Mac and Nubia, is transmitted directly from one native app to another - no third parties are involved. For example, Address Book syncs directly with Contacts and iTunes data - directly with Music.

Don't underestimate this one

You can sync automatically! Every time your Mac OS X computer is connected with your Nubia smartphone, SyncMate will update all needed data quietly in the background - no need to remember to initiate the sync process.

Sync your Android phone or tablet

SyncMate is compatible with any Android 4.x-9.x device. You can sync your Mac with:

Supported Nubia models

  • Nubia Smartphones
  • M
  • Nubia M2
  • Nubia M2 Lite
  • Nubia M2 Play
  • Nubia My Prague
  • N
  • Nubia N1
  • Nubia N1 lite
  • Nubia N2
  • Nubia N3
  • P
  • Nubia Prague S
  • R
  • Nubia Red Magic
  • Nubia Red Magic Mars
  • V
  • Nubia V18
  • X
  • Nubia X
  • NNubia X6


Still contemplating on whether you need a Nubia sync Mac OS X software app at all? No need to - get free SyncMate, try it out and then decide.

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