Sony PSP

Sync Mac with Sony PSP

Need to sync images, photos, videos or even folders with files between Sony PSP and Mac? SyncMate 4 will do this for you. Moreover, you can transfer personal data like contacts, calendar entries, notes, bookmarks and more to your Sony PSP.
Compatible with PSP (running Firmware 2.7.1 or higher), PSP Go.; requires Mac OS X versions 10.6.6 - 10.8.5.
For later versions of macOS use SyncMate 8.

Contacts & Calendars

Sync your Address Book or Calendar events to your PlayStation Portable and you will be able to access them even on the road, when Mac is not at hand. BTW, this option is free!

iTunes and Photos

SyncMate 4 will turn your PSP into a portable storage of the music, videos and images - just sync the data between your Mac and Sony PSP and share these files with your friends on the go!

Sync automatically

Keeping data in sync between your Mac and Sony PSP has never been easier. SyncMate 4 lets you sync Mac and PSP automatically - just set sync parameters once and do not worry about them anymore!

Back up Sony PSP on Mac

Do not lose any data on your Sony PSP - back it up on Mac! Save your PSP data to Mac and restore it if needed.

Options available for PSP

Options Device to Mac Mac to Device Both directions
Pictures, Videos & Music
Safari Bookmarks
To Do/Reminders
Entourage notes
Mail notes

SyncMate 4

Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 - 10.8.5
41.17MB free space
Version 4.1.1897 (27 Jul, 2012) Release notes
Download Total downloads: 467,643
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