How to sync Google Drive with Dropbox easily?

Ever since cloud storage services became commonplace, they have been replacing USB dongles, memory cards and other storage devices that occupy space in your bags or clutter your desktop. The biggest advantage cloud services offer is that you can access your data from any device from any corner of the globe as long as you are connected to the Internet. Clients (applications) of the cloud services are typically free, work across platforms and they allow you to choose what files to upload so no unnecessary information will fill up your devices’ memory.

Why synchronize Dropbox and Google Drive accounts?

Sync Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox appeared earlier than Google Drive. From the very beginning it was meant for storing any kind of files and information, while Google initially was a repository only for Google Docs. Thanks to the popularity of Google services and Android devices – you did not even have to register a separate account if you were a Gmail user - Google Drive quickly evolved and opened up for uploading all kinds of files. This is when confusion started.

All cloud services have their own application that duplicates files on your Mac’s hard drive, and this content is not synchronized with the content of other similar services.

You might know by now that syncing non-native products on Mac is not always a straightforward issue. However there is a solution to it – SyncMate, it works with multiple devices and accounts.

What is SyncMate?

SyncMate allows syncing your Mac data with content kept on online storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud; as well as Android, iOS, MTP devices, etc. You can pull together your Calendar and Contacts entries, files and folders, iTunes and iPhoto libraries, with autosyncing option you can get it done automatically in the background.

Sync Google Drive with Dropbox using SyncMate

So we finally reached the point we were driving to – how do we synchronize two cloud storage services?

Do as follows:

  1. Download SyncMate on your Mac, install and launch it.
  2. In the window displayed click Add New in the left pane. The wizard will help you choose devices and accounts for syncing.
  3. SyncMate: Add New

  4. Click Google or Dropbox, enter your login credentials.
  5. Once connected, you can setup your syncing parameters.
  6. SyncMate: syncing parameters

SyncMate enables you to synchronize events in your Calendar, entries in your Contacts list, folders, pictures and media libraries in Google and Dropbox accounts. Choose what you need and press “Sync”

It can’t get any easier – all it takes to synchronize your data is just a few clicks. Do not forget that enabling Autosync option will get your syncing done without your interference.

SyncMate: Autosync

That's all. Once settings are set, you can sync data between Google and Dropbox via Mac. Contacts and Calendar events can be synced for free. To sync other data youy'll need to upgrade to SyncMate Expert.


SyncMate synchronizes and transfers files between cloud services and devices. It also allows you to mount Google Drive and MS OneDrive on your Mac as an additional disk and you can access and manage them as it were just another physical storage.

SyncMate Expert

Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 49.85MB size
Version 8.0.469 (3rd Nov, 2019) Release notes
Category: Utilities