Mounted Device

Sync your Mac with any mounted device

Keeping your images, music and videos synced between Mac and any mounted storage device is as easy as ABC with SyncMate. SyncMate will detect mounted device automatically once it is connected to your Mac.
You can sync Mac with any mounted storage device — Mac partition, portable USB storage, locally connected disk, FireWire hard disk drives, devices connected via USB, etc. Automatic sync is available!

Back up your data

SyncMate will back up Mac Contacts and Calendar entries (Free edition), To Do/Reminders, Safari bookmarks (Expert edition) on any mounted storage device.

Sync your mobile as a USB storage

SyncMate allows syncing any mounted device with your Mac. You can even connect a mobile (even if not supported by SyncMate) in a USB drive mode and sync it!

Sync folders on Mac

If you have a folder with numerous files and need to keep it synced with a mounted device, just sync it with SyncMate instead of transferring each file manually.

Sync Automatically

SyncMate Expert allows syncing data between Mac and any mounted device automatically. You can set up all the settings just once and they will be applied to further sync processes.
Sync mounted device
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