List of the best software to sync iPad and Mac OS X

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If you have already had some research done you probably noticed that iTunes and iCloud are not the primary choices for syncing macOS with iPad, and you won't be able to mount your iPad as a local disk to browse its contents conveniently by means of these services. Both will do for some basic sync and backup needs for media files or personal data like calendar and contacts. However when there is much more stuff you need to sync and you want to do it directly and fast, you may consider the apps that are more profound. Let's see what we've got here.

The list of top apps that will sync iPad with Mac

  • SyncMate
  • Syncios
  • BusyMac
  • PhotoSync
  • Cloud Storages
  • 1. SyncMate

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    Requirements: OS X 10.10: OS X 10.10+. 50.74MB free space. Version 7.3.434. (26th Jan, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 358+ users, Reviews(956)
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    SyncMate won us with its impressive versatility: is there anything this app can't sync? Everything we tested - synchronization of personal data, media files, folders, reminders, bookmarks - went flawlessly. This software to sync iPad and Mac also allows mounting iPad as a local Mac OS X drive, texting from your Mac, managing the call history, and create backups for iPad data.


    There is no need of an intermediary step in this app - everything is synced directly between device and computer, no cloud involved. SyncMate lets you sync your iPad with as many macOS computers as needed so you can access your data from any
    computer you own.

    2. Syncios

    This tool can sync your iPad with Mac with precision and accuracy. It is a classic app with a comprehensive design down-to-earth and easy to use for any level of users. Syncios syncs music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, messages and more. Another great thing about this piece of software is that it can extract data from an iTunes backup, and allows using iPad as an external storage device. One can also manage iPad contacts, notes, and bookmarks from a Mac OS X.

    3. BusyMac

    The tools by this developer are not as versatile as SyncMate or Syncios. On the contrary they concentrate on very specific tasks. BusyMac solutions can either sync iCal entries or Contacts. Being specialized on certain functionality allows this software to be very accurate and effective in what it does. Consider this software to sync iPad with Mac OS X for its precision and in case there are specific things you need to sync. Otherwise choose another app from our list of software to sync iPad and Mac.

    4. PhotoSync

    Somewhat similar to BusyMac products, PhotoSync is conservative and specific. It will only work with a specific type of data, which is photos and videos - transfers, creates backup files, shares files, and keeps track of your activity. This app can work over WiFi and also offers direct sync without any cloud storage needed.

    5.Cloud Storages

    iCloud is kind of what first comes to mind when you think of synchronization of macOS and an iPad. It is a no brainer since it comes with all Apple devices and offers a certain amount of free cloud storage. Once you register your account there you can backup all needed data in the cloud and access it anywhere in the world. Not everyone likes storing sensitive data in a cloud though, so it is up to you to decide whether you are interested in a direct sync or in a cloud storage.


    Also a cloud, Dropbox works across different devices, even if they are not developed by Apple. Through the cloud intermediary you can sync your data between Mac and iPad as long as they have Internet access. Files saved in Dropbox storage can be shared with other users even if those don't have a Dropbox account.

    Thank you for reading through our version of top software to sync iPad and Mac OS X! Choose the one that fits you best and have constant access to your data.