Is it possible to transfer Android data to iPhone?

Are you an iPhone owner who is switching from Android and needs a reliable solution to transfer important data like contacts and calendar events from iPhone to Android. Finding a free solution would make everything better, right? Well, here you go!

SyncMate is a versatile sync software that can transfer Android contacts to iPhone as well as the calendars in several clicks. Sounds exciting? How about - SyncMate can transfer Android calendar and contacts to iPhone for free!

Plus, you can avoid syncing your personal data with the cloud, because SyncMate transfers everything directly between the apps.

NOTE. SyncMate is a Mac app, so your Android and iPhone will be synced through your Mac, i.e. data will be first transferred from Android to Mac and then from Mac to iPhone (or vice versa).
Transfer Android contacts to iPhone address book

Transfer Android contacts to iPhone address book

Contacts is the part of the most valuable data you have on your device. And yet you can’t send them to a cloud storage to transfer them to another device as they are. This is where the app SyncMate comes to rescue.
SyncMate provides you with Android contacts transfer to iPhone address book via your Mac computer (technically contacts are first moved from Android to Mac and then from Mac to iPhone, however they arrive to iPhone not as a backup file, but exactly as they were on original device).

Transfer Android calendar to iPhone

No need to create the same event on both Android and iPhone devices separately - the same as with contacts, SyncMate will make sure all events are equally up-to-date on both devices and you'll never miss any important appointment.

Transfer Android to iPhone media files

Unfortunately media files transfer is unavailable at the moment because of iOS limitations, but as soon as there is a possibility, this type of data will also be transferred between Android and iPhone devices.

Extra options SyncMate offers for Mac users

As we said before, SyncMate transfers data between Android and iPhone via your Mac computer. This means all data is synced between Android and Mac and between iPhone and Mac. Read about some interesting facts about SyncMate below.

Mac Android synchronization

Additionally to answering the questions "How to transfer Android contacts to iPhone?" and "How to transfer Android calendar to iPhone?", there is also an Expert version of SyncMate that allows syncing images, videos, music, playlists, and folders with files between Mac and Android. Everything can be synced automatically and there is also a convenient possibility to mount Android device as a Mac disk to manage its content in Finder app. Text messages can be created, sent, deleted or even exported - all on your full-size keyboard. SyncMate Expert can backup your Android on Mac too. More about syncing Android with Mac

iPhone Mac synchronization

SyncMate allows syncing contacts and calendars for free. SyncMate Expert can sync folders from Mac to iPhone and vice versa. Media files like images, videos and music can be synced from iPhone to Mac only due to iOS restrictions, and not the other way.
You can mount iPhone as Mac disk for convenient access from Finder, sync data between Mac and iPhone automatically and backup iPhone data on Mac. More about syncing iPhone with Mac


You’re just a click away from perfect Android calendar transfer to iPhone iCal. SyncMate syncs calendars and contacts for free - give it a try!

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