Sync Windows Phone

with your Mac

SyncMate allows Mac users sync your Mac data with the data stored on your Windows Phone 7 and 8. This excellent tool enables easy and simple sync of all your media files to your Windows Phone as if it were another Apple product. All you need is to choose MTP as a connection method.
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Various sync
SyncMate offers you a number of sync settings. AutoSync lets you specify all the settings just once and they will be implemented automatically to further sync processes.
SyncMate 5
Requires OS X 10.8 or later
  • Sync iPhoto library

    SyncMate allows syncing photos and videos you have in iPhoto library with the images stored on your Windows phone, and vice versa - pictures and videos taken with your phone get easily imported into iPhoto library.

  • Sync iTunes library

    SyncMate helps you keep music, movies, TV shows, podcasts stored in your iTunes library and your Windows Phone in perfect sync.

  • Folders sync

    SyncMate syncs entire folders with numerous files on Mac with folders on your mobile device quickly and easily. No need to sync each file separately.

  • Mount your Windows Phone

    You can mount your Windows mobile as a Mac volume and browse through all of its folders and files directly on your computer.