Mac ZTE synchronization made easy with SyncMate

Are you looking for a perfect ZTE sync Mac software? The one that can update, sync and transfer data between your Mac OS X and ZTE device? Rejoice! You've just found one! SyncMate is the top-notch Mac ZTE sync software with an abundance of useful features.

SyncMate developers worked hard to create a product that operates smoothly and quickly to provide the best expected result. A couple of clicks and your ZTE device is synced with macOS computer. Additionally you can set up the automatic synchronization so that no little piece of data is ever missed.

Keep on reading about all syncing and other possibilities SyncMate offers.
Android ZTE sync Mac
Android ZTE synchronize Mac

About ZTE sync Mac app

SyncMate is a sure way to synchronize ZTE and Mac OS X computer. This software does its job well and takes proper care of every single piece of data you need to have updated on your computer and phone.

An alternative to Android file transfer

Mount your ZTE as an additional Mac disk and feel free to browse its files and transfer them to folders on your computer using your mouse cursor. You can easily copy and delete files as well.

Finder features for Android ZTE

Use Finder features for your ZTE

After you mounted your ZTE smartphone on your Mac, it is treated by your Finder as just another external drive. Thanks to that, you can use all those practical options that Finder offers to manage files on ZTE: copy files to several folders at a time, move more than one folder at once, archive various files at once, and so on.

Syncing ZTE and Mac contacts and calendars

Adding every new event and contact info to your every device can be quite disappointing and time-consuming, not to mention something might get mixed up along the way. SyncMate will carefully update contacts and calendars and you'll always have the latest info on Mac and ZTE.

Don't leave the house without music

If you have a great playlist that you compiled on your desktop, you don't have to leave it till the next time you are at the desk - our ZTE transfer Mac app will make sure every track is accurately synced and you can enjoy your playlist on the move.

Manage photos and videos

Our Mac ZTE sync app does a great job of keeping photos and videos up-to-date between Mac OS X and ZTE. SyncMate updates the files whenever devices connect. Also, before the sync starts, you can change image resolution, convert videos to other formats, change video codec, resolution, frame rate and bitrate.

Text from Mac

Texting is so much easier when you have SyncMate! While working at the computer you can read, delete, compose and send messages without looking at your phone. Benefit from your computer's large screen and convenient keyboard. You can also export text messages to a file.

Transfer files between ZTE and Mac

SyncMate allows you to transfer and sync folders with files in them between your Android device and macOS machine. A tip from SyncMate team: designate one folder for the files you always work with and you'll have the latest version always accessible on both devices.

Direct sync with native apps

When the data is updated between your ZTE and Mac it doesn't go through any third-party applications, it goes directly to the app you sync it to. For example, Address Book is synced straight to Contacts and iTunes data - straight to Music, and vice versa.

Wait, there's even more

Every time your Mac OS X computer is connected with your ZTE phone, SyncMate can update all needed data automatically in the background - you won't have to do a thing!

Sync your Android phone or tablet

SyncMate is compatible with any Android 4.x-9.x device. You can sync your Mac with:

Supported ZTE models

  • ZTE Smartphones
  • A
  • A530
  • Avid Plus
  • Axon
  • Axon 7
  • Axon 7 Max
  • Axon 7 mini
  • Axon 9 Pro
  • Axon Elite
  • Axon Lux
  • Axon M
  • Axon Max
  • Axon Mini
  • B
  • Blade A1
  • Blade A2
  • Blade A2S
  • Blade A2 Plus
  • Blade A3
  • Blade A910
  • Blade C
  • Blade D2
  • Blade D6
  • Blade D Lux
  • Blade E
  • Blade G2
  • Blade L
  • Blade L3
  • Blade L5 Plus
  • Blade Max 3
  • Blade Q
  • Blade Qlux 4G
  • Blade Q Maxi
  • Blade Q Mini
  • Blade S6
  • Blade S6 Lux
  • Blade S6 Plus
  • Blade S7
  • Blade V580
  • Blade V6
  • Blade V7
  • Blade V7 Lite
  • Blade V7 Max
  • Blade V7 Plus
  • Blade V8
  • Blade V8 Lite
  • Blade V8 Mini
  • Blade V8 Pro
  • Blade V9
  • Blade V9 Vita
  • Blade Vec 3G
  • Blade Vec 4G
  • Blade X3
  • Blade X5
  • Blade X9
  • Blade X Max
  • C


Still pondering the necessity of a ZTE sync Mac app? Don't overthink - you can get a free version of SyncMate just by clicking "Download" and see what it can do.

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