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Best Mac synchronization software

ZTE Mac manager for reliable synchronization

Are you looking for a perfect ZTE sync Mac software? The one that can update, sync and transfer data between your Mac OS X and ZTE device? Rejoice! You've just found one! SyncMate is the top-notch ZTE Mac sync software with an abundance of useful features.

SyncMate developers worked hard to create a product that operates smoothly and quickly to provide the best expected result. A couple of clicks and your ZTE device is synced with macOS computer. Additionally you can set up the automatic synchronization so that no little piece of data is ever missed.

Keep on reading about all syncing and other possibilities SyncMate offers.

How to sync ZTE phone with Mac via Wi-Fi using SyncMate

Wi-Fi is the most convenient way to do a ZTE Mac phone sync using SyncMate. Unlike using a USB, once you’ve set everything up with Wi-Fi, your phone and Mac will sync automatically when they are in range. That means that you can rest assured that all your files will stay in sync, without even having to do anything.

The process for a ZTE Mac sync is completely straightforward:

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First of all, you do have to ensure that, the first time you connect, you use a USB. This is to download the module onto your phone. Once that’s done, you can start connecting with Wi-Fi.
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Then, ensure that your Wi-Fi is on, and open the SyncMate module.
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Then, turn on Wi-Fi synchronization.
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If you’ve got unknown IPs ticked, you will be asked every time a new IP tries to connect with your phone. You can add your Mac to the safe list, in order to allow it to connect automatically in the future. You can also let anyone sync by changing the settings, but this probably won’t be necessary.
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Once connected, you can pick your settings, choose automatic or manual sync, and select which files you want to keep synced with ZTE Mac Pro tasks.

About ZTE sync Mac app

SyncMate is a sure way to synchronize ZTE and Mac OS X computer. This ZTE Mac phone synchronizer does its job well and takes proper care of every single piece of data you need to have updated on your computer and phone.

Syncing ZTE and Mac contacts and calendars

Adding every new event and contact info to your every device can be quite disappointing and time-consuming, not to mention something might get mixed up along the way. SyncMate will carefully update contacts and calendars and you'll always have the latest info on Mac and ZTE.

Don't leave the house without music

If you have a great playlist that you compiled on your desktop, you don't have to leave it till the next time you are at the desk - our ZTE Mac Pro app will make sure every track is accurately synced and you can enjoy your playlist on the move.

Manage photos and videos

Our ZTE Mac sync app does a great job of keeping photos and videos up-to-date between Mac OS X and ZTE. SyncMate updates the files whenever devices connect. Also, before the sync starts, you can change image resolution, convert videos to other formats, change video codec, resolution, frame rate and bitrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, although Samsung Kies for Mac is still available, the Kies app for Mac has not been updated by the developer for a long time following a serious complaint from users that it has some serious bugs. These bugs have been reported to lead to syncing issues that cause loss of data. You can use SyncMate instead, and also as Huawei HiSuite for Mac.
If you’re using an Apple device such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad, it’s easy to turn on syncing with your Mac for a ZTE Mac Pro sync. All you need to do is find the device, when connected by a USB, in the Finder window. Then, simply select the file sync option, and your device will sync with your Mac. If you’re using an Android device, you’re going to need a program like SyncMate for a ZTE Mac sync.
SyncMate features a useful wi-fi feature that lets you sync your ZTE Mac phone without even needing to connect via a USB cable. You can find the complete details, and a step by step guide, earlier on this page. This also applies to HTC sync for Mac.
SyncMate is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a way to sync all their devices, including a ZTE Mac phone sync. Not only does it work with Android devices and Mac, e.g. ZTE or Xiaomi sync Mac. It also lets you sync with cloud based services, meaning that if you make use of OneDrive, GoogleDrive or any other cloud services, it’s easy to keep everything in sync.
SyncMate is compatible with Bluetooth, and lets you move files between Android and Mac with zero difficulty. All you need to do for a ZTE Mac sync with Bluetooth is follow the same directions as for wi-fi connection, but select Bluetooth from the module rather than wireless.
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