Sync your Android

phone or tablet with Mac

Looking for an HTC sync, Nexus sync, LG sync, Samsung sync or Samsung Galaxy sync, or Droid sync? Doesn't matter which device you own, if it runs Android 4.x, 5.x or even 6.x, SyncMate will sync it! Have we mentioned that Android to Mac sync can be performed automatically?
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Contacts & Background sync
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Various sync
Get the full access to your Android from Mac - mount your device as a Mac disk and browse its content from your computer. Benefit from the full screen and manage files on Android device in a more convenient way.
SyncMate 6
Requires OS X 10.8.5 or later
  • Sync folders between Mac and Android

    Keep the folders with important documents, presentations, and other stuff on your Mac in sync with Android phone or tablet: no need to replace every updated file in a folder - they will be synced by SyncMate!

  • Music, images, videos sync

    Sync your favorite images and videos between Mac and Android and share them with your friends on the go! Got great tracks on your Mac? Sync them with Android and play them on your phone (and vice versa).

  • Sync Contacts & Calendars

    Tired of double entering the same contacts and calendar entries on Mac and Android phone or tablet? Enter them once - sync them with SyncMate! Just connect your Mac and Android device and sync Address Book and Calendar for free!

  • SMS management

    Text directly from your Mac! View, create, send and delete messages benefitting from Mac keyboard, export them into different formats.