The chart below is a general list of ALL plugins SyncMate offers. The plugins available for your device may differ. Please check the list of sync options offered exactly for your device for more detailed info.

Sync options
SyncMate Free
SyncMate Expert
Contacts sync (Entourage 2008, Address Book, Outlook 2011)
iCal synchronization (Entourage 2008, Outlook 2011 supported)
SMS Reader plugin
Device Info plugin
Internet Sharing
Pictures, Videos & Music sync
Folders synchronization
SMS Manager plugin
Safari Bookmarks
Firefox Bookmarks
To Do/Reminders plugin (Outlook 2011 supported)
Mail notes sync (OS X 10.7 or earlier) Outlook 2011 supported
Entourage notes sync (Entourage 2008)
Stickies synchronization
Mount your device as additional disk
Applications List plugin
Mail plugin
Encrypt data
Back up mounted devices or Sony PSP
Time synchronization
Calls history plugin
Activity Log plugin

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