Android file transfer not working?
Here’s what to do.

As an owner of Android-Mac combo, you probably know that there is no built-in option to sync data between these devices. Yeah, if you have Android and Mac you must be very creative to transfer data between these devices.

Since Google’s Android File Transfer was no longer updated and wouldn't offer reliable sync for Mac-Android users, one had to start looking for third-party solutions.

There are many of them, for sure, but why download and test numerous apps that may even not work if you are already reading this article about SyncMate?

Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll convince you that SyncMate is the only app for data sync and transfer you might need for your Android and Mac.
Sync Android with Mac

What is SyncMate

In short - SyncMate is an app that will sync or transfer data between Mac and Android. In detail - SyncMate is the best app that will sync or transfer data between Mac and Android.

Android file transfer replacement

With SyncMate’s “Mount disk” option you can mount Android as Mac disk and browse its content in Finder, copy or remove files from Android directly on Mac by simple drag-n-drop. Wait a minute, isn’t that what you were looking for?

Finder functionality on your Android

As follows from the above you can apply all Finder features to Android file system: copy to several folders at a time, or transfer several folders simultaneously, archive a bulk of files and so on.

Contacts and Calendar sync

Let’s be honest - adding new contacts or calendar events from Mac to Android can be more than boring. Adding data vice versa, from Android to Mac? Still boring.

Give your hands a rest and watch a movie instead, while SyncMate syncs these data on both devices for you.

Let music inspire you

Can’t stop listening the same playlist in iTunes over and over again? Don’t limit your love to the music by measures of your Mac only. Sync separate tracks or playlists to your Android and enjoy them wherever you are. Sing like a star,
we know you can.

Manage photos and videos

Just to mention, you can sync videos between Mac and Android. As well as images. As an additional bonus from our team, we’ve taught SyncMate to convert images into different resolutions, and videos into different formats with the ability of choosing codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate.

Texting from Mac

Why type messages on Android with your thumbs only? Benefit from typing Android texts on Mac keyboard. You can also view, send, and export Android texts on Mac.

Play big - sync whole folders

Do not feel like syncing separate files between Mac and Android? Sync the whole folder instead. Gather together all files you want to sync into the folder and keep it up-to-date. The same with existing folders on Mac and phone.

Apps integration

The essence of SyncMate - to do all boring sync job for you. Data is synced directly between apps - so if you are syncing contacts or playlists, you can be sure that they will be updated directly in Contacts/Address Book and iTunes/Music, not just transferred as separate files for further unpack.

The cherry on top

Besides all mentioned above cool sync and transfer features, SyncMate allows syncing data between your Mac and Android automatically and in background. Set autosync parameters once and SyncMate won’t disturb you.


Still hesitating? No need to, just click the Download button below and let SyncMate Free edition show you what a reliable sync process looks like.
We sure, you’ll like it.

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