File sync Mac software for multiple tasks

Keep your data in sync between Mac and multiple devices or online accounts. No need to purchase several sync solutions in order to sync your Mac with each device or account - just download SyncMate and all supported devices will be synced within one application.
Synchronization with iOS 14 devices is not currently supported by SyncMate.
This feature will be implemented in further updates.

Probably the best synchronization tool for your Mac

What makes SyncMate outstanding? Let us think. Maybe the fact that it offers its own SyncService which makes data transfer between Mac and almost any device or account possible? Below we’ve listed the key features of SyncMate, enjoy.

Sync Mac with Android and iOS devices

As you know, there is no built-in option to transfer data between macOS and Android. SyncMate fills this gap and becomes the only Android file transfer Mac app you need to keep data in sync Mac and Android.

As for syncing with iOS - SyncMate doesn’t limit the quantity of iOS devices you can connect and sync with Mac.

Sync with MTP, mounted devices and other Macs

Need to sync files between Mac and any mounted or MTP device? No problem. Just get yourself SyncMate and data will be updated across all devices.

Did we mention the possibility to sync several Macs? Yes, SyncMate can do this also.

Synchronize Mac with cloud storages

You may ask - why do I need SyncMate if I can use Dropbox and iCloud accounts separately to sync all required data?

SyncMate turns your macOS computer into a sync center - all of your accounts will be synced with Mac within ONE app, which extremely convenient if you are relying on several cloud storages.

Syncing with Microsoft services

SyncMate gives you a unique possibility to sync data on your Mac with Microsoft services - Outlook online account or Office 365 Home and Business editions.

Besides mentioned above services, SyncMate will also keep data updated between your Mac and OneDrive storage.

Flexible Mac synchronization

SyncMate gives you so long-awaited flexibility in Mac data synchronization.
You can choose out of two editions SyncMate offers depending on data you need sync.

So, what’s inside SyncMate Free Edition?

Address book sync  Free

All your contacts can be available on any of your devices upon sync instantly without adding them manually one-by-one. SyncMate keeps everything up-to-date according to the settings you choose.

Calendars sync  Free

Never ever miss an important date or appointment, even if you added it to your phone calendar and don't have it with you. SyncMate will make sure that calendar events are updated on all synced devices, be it a computer, a phone or your cloud account.

Syncing in background  Free

The most convenient thing is background synchronization - you don't even have to open SyncMate. You'll need to look at the settings once and then the app will meticulously update all data quietly in the background.

Get even more with Expert Edition

For those of you who want to keep literally all Mac data updated across devices and accounts, we’ve got SyncMate Expert Edition with extra file sync Mac options.
Check them out below.

Folders sync  Expert

Load your folders with files and get access to them on any of synced devices. No need to manually copy or move anything when you have SyncMate.

iTunes and Music  Expert

Your favorite tracks and playlists will be instantly available on any of your devices, or computers, or online accounts.

Photos sync  Expert

No need to worry about photos backup when you set up SyncMate to sync your images. Every new image will be updated on each synced device.

AutoSync  Expert

All your regular syncing actions can be performed automatically by SyncMate. Choose what and how you'd like to be synced and let our app do the rest!

Mount Disk option  Expert

Mounting your device as a disk means you can access and manage its content in Finder just like you would with any regular computer drive.

SMS management  Expert

Receive, reply, delete and even export your text messages directly on your Mac with its nice full-size keyboard.

Safari bookmarks  Expert

Your favorite pages in Safari browser can be synced across supporting devices for easy instant access any time.

Call History  Expert

Whenever you might need to refer to your call history you can see incoming, outgoing and missed calls directly on your Mac with extensive details.

Data backup  Expert

SyncMate Expert will backup your contacts, calendar events, reminders, and Safari bookmarks directly on your hard drive.
Expert Edition

All you wanted to know about macOS synchronization

Because it’s easier and will save your time compared to manual data update across all devices. Bet you do not want to spare time on adding new contact on Mac, then on your smartphone and in cloud storages.

With SyncMate all you need to do to keep your data updated across all devices and accounts is connect device or account to your macOS computer and choose which data to sync. It only takes minutes.
Data security - that's what we care about the most. SyncMate doesn’t share your data with any third-party services, it syncs it directly between Mac and device or online account. For example, you are looking for Android sync Mac solution but do not want to share data with Google storage during the sync process - just sync these devices directly using SyncMate.
Data transfer is basically when you take a piece of data and move it from one device to another. You can transfer data between computer, mobile device, cloud storage, you name it. While SyncMate is an excellent data transfer tool it actually syncs data instead of just moving it. Synchronization is when data is equally updated on each side of the sync process so in result you are getting the latest version on every device as soon as changes are made.

SyncMate is deservedly one of the best apps to synchronize Mac. Below are the key features that make SyncMate stand out among competitors.

  • It has its own sync service which fuels data sync and transfer.
  • SyncMate doesn’t use any third-party apps or storages to sync data, so you can be sure your data is safe and secure.
  • SyncMate is probably the only app that supports such a wide list of devices and accounts and can sync them within one app with your Mac.

We’ve gathered the full list of apps to sync Mac so you can make sure that SyncMate is worth your time.

Yes, SyncMate can replace Android File Transfer Mac and in fact SyncMate gives you even more functionality. Not only can you transfer data between macOS and Android (Mount Disk option will show you Android folders in Finder on Mac), but you can also sync data between corresponding apps on Mac and in Android.
SyncMate doesn’t limit the quantity of devices or accounts you can connect to your Mac and sync with, thus turning your computer into a sync center. This fact is more than important for iOS sync Mac solution, because no matter how many iOS or Android devices you have - all of them can be synced with your macOS computer.
SyncMate allows to synchronize Mac with devices/accounts via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (depends on devices or accounts you need to sync).
Because it has its own sync service, SyncMate doesn’t use any third-party apps or storages while syncing - everything is performed directly between Mac and connected device or account.
SyncMate offers you full integration with all apps in macOS and supported devices or accounts. This means that if you are syncing contacts between devices, they are synced between Address Books, media is synced directly between Photos and gallery on connected device. So if there is an app for separate data in device or online account, SyncMate will sync data with this app directly.
SyncMate allows syncing with Apple devices and accounts as well as with non-Apple ones. Microsoft services are also supported - Outlook online account, Office 365 editions and OneDrive. The most frequently used features of this direction are Outlook contacts sync Mac and Outlook calendars sync with Mac, but note that due to macOS limitations SyncMate supports Outlook sync with Outlook online account only.
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    Mac synchronization is great. I carry a portable firewire drive with me and I wanted to sync it with a drive at work and at home, but I wanted it painless. With this program, I can plug in the drive on my work computer and it will auto sync the drives for me, so I don’t need to do anything manually.
    Samantha Gunn

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