Your all-in-one sync tool for Mac

With SyncMate you can synchronize Mac and various devices and accounts within one app.
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Synchronize Mac with multiple devices

SyncMate allows syncing data on your Mac and multiple devices within one app. Moreover you can do it simultaneously and automatically.

El Capitan OS X support

Sync your devices with the latest Mac OS without any troubles. Connect your devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cable and sync them in a click.

Free and Expert versions

SyncMate Free edition will sync most important data - Contacts & Calendars for FREE. SyncMate Expert offers additional options: iTunes, Photos, folders, bookmarks sync and lots more.

Background Sync

SyncMate Expert allows syncing data between Mac and any connected device in a hidden mode. Small icon in the menu bar helps you to sync your devices fast and easily.

Download apk

You need to download Android-module to use SyncMate
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