Your all-in-one sync tool for Mac

With SyncMate you can synchronize Mac and various devices and accounts within one app.
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Synchronize Mac with multiple devices

SyncMate allows syncing data on your Mac and multiple devices within one app. Moreover you can do it simultaneously and automatically.

macOS support

Sync your devices with the latest Mac OS without any troubles. Connect your devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cable and sync them in a click.

Free and Expert versions

SyncMate Free edition will sync most important data - Contacts & Calendars for FREE. SyncMate Expert offers additional options: iTunes, Photos, folders, bookmarks sync and lots more.

Background Sync

SyncMate Expert allows syncing data between Mac and any connected device in a hidden mode. Small icon in the menu bar helps you to sync your devices fast and easily.

Download apk

You need to download Android-module to use SyncMate
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