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All sync service Mac user can choose from

SyncMate is an all-in-one sync service Mac users can depend on to sync files and data across all devices, accounts, and computers. The free version can provide a solution for basic syncing needs, while SyncMate expert gives you even more options and settings to keep your files in perfect synchronization across all devices and accounts!
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Free features

The free sync services Mac users with SyncMate can access keep your calendar and contacts organized and updated in your Mac and all other devices or accounts you use. The background sync feature makes the process faster and easier. The free version is great if you want to try SyncMate before upgrading or if you just need the basics!

Expert features

For the full SyncMate experience with all the features you need to sync your Mac with your devices, you need the expert version. With SyncMate expert you can sync SMS text messages from your phone to Mac, do backups, share folders, transfer photos, and sync Apple Music.

Sync even more

SyncMate expert was designed to do it all with features like mounting your device as a disk for browsing, autosync, and cloud service syncing. If that’s not enough, SyncMate expert also lets you sync your call history, Safari bookmarks, and reminders to keep you organized no matter what.

Mount disk

Mount device to sync

When you connect a flash drive, external hard drive, or really any other device to your Mac using SyncMate, you can sync files and even folders between your devices in minutes.



AutoSync ensures that your data is always in sync and updated on your Mac and whatever device or computer you connect through SyncMate, so you never lose files. Best of all, with the background sync services feature, you won’t even notice your files syncing while you continue to work seamlessly from Mac to Mac or on your devices.

Office 365 Business

Cloud sync

Using cloud services like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive can mean tracking files across these different accounts. SyncMate turns your Mac into a hub that can easily transfer and sync files in your cloud software, making life much easier.

Call history

Call history

Get a lot of calls? SyncMate lets you upload and check your call history from your phone on your Mac, so you can see incoming, outgoing, and missed calls plus details like the caller number, duration, date, and time. You can even export the data into TXT, CSV, and HTML formats to save for your records.

Safari bookmarks

Safari bookmarks

Manage your Safari bookmarks from your Mac with SyncMate. You can edit, add, and delete Bookmarks and folders remotely using the app to keep your Safari Bookmarks synced across all devices.



Keep all the Reminders you set for yourself in order with SyncMate expert. You can sync Reminders from Mac to your device, device to Mac, or both ways, and you can organize your Reminders into a folder or delete them remotely from your Mac.

The frequently asked questions

If you want to use Mac’s built-in sync options, you should first connect the device to the Mac and then go to Finder. Select the device from there and then click on “General”, then choose what sync services should go automatically or manually. However, if you don’t want to go through all this trouble, you can use SyncMate to easily back-up files and folders or keep all your devices synchronized. Also, there are plenty of SyncMate alternatives that are still better than using Finder.
Syncing music between an Android device and a Mac is a bit trickier. Since there’s no iTunes for Android app, you will have to go with iTunes to get the job done. However, connecting an Android device to iTunes can take forever and fail altogether. That’s why SyncMate is the best solution to get the job done. Simply connect the Android device and sync music, photos, videos, and anything else!
To stop your Apple devices from syncing over iCloud, you should go to Settings-Your Account-iCloud and then uncheck the boxes you don’t want to sync anymore. For devices that are directly connected to a Mac, you have to repeat the procedure described in the previous question. The best way to do it, though, is by using an iTunes alternative for Mac, such as SyncMate. You have full control over what gets synced and what not.
The best way to sync an iPhone is by using dedicated Mac backup software such as SyncMate. Sure, you can do it via iTunes as well, however, you’re limited when it comes to the file types you can transfer and other functions. SyncMate is an all-in-one sync service that will make you forget all about Apple Music or any other application.
To determine the best sync service Mac users can opt for, you need to look at the features it offers. And after putting several applications head-to-head, the conclusion is that SyncMate is superior in all aspects. From the connectivity options, and all the way to transfer speed, it delivers the best sync service for Mac.
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