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Mac file synchronizer helps to sync your data with any device

To sync files on your Mac with any device or online account, SyncMate is the only app you’ll need. Sync photos, music, apps, contacts, and more, so when you’re away from your Mac, you still have your files. It’s a one-stop-shop for connecting your Mac to your phone, tablet, and other computers with ease.
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Sync cloud services

If you use multiple cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft services, you know how tedious it can be to share files across these accounts. SyncMate can turn your computer into a Mac synchronization hub that lets you share files easily between any cloud services.

Sync even more

Aside from phones, tablets, computers and cloud services, SyncMate facilitates Mac file synchronization for MTP devices, mounted devices, and Apple iCoud. Whether you want to connect a camera, media player, or share iCloud files with an Android, SyncMate simplifies and streamlines all your Mac syncing needs.

MTP Device

MTP Device

MTP or media transfer protocol, is a device sync setting that lets you access media files on a phone, digital camera, media player, or any other portable device you can connect to your Mac. SyncMate lets you choose your sync settings for MTP devices to synchronize files to your Mac when connected.

Mounted device

Mounted device

A mounted device could be any device you connect to your Mac’s USB port to sync data. To transfer files from the device to your Mac or vice versa, simply connect the device to your Mac, select your sync settings, and sit back while your files sync automatically.



Organizing your calendar, reminders, and contacts in the iCloud is a lifesaver, and SyncMate lets you keep that data synced on your Mac and any device you use. Set up autosync to ensure that your Mac and devices are always in tune with your most up-to-date iCloud files and data!

The frequently asked questions

The process of file synchronization, or sync, is basically making sure that two or more devices contain the same files at any moment. For example, when you sync iPad with Mac, you make sure that all you choose to sync from the Mac are present on iPad as well. So, if you transfer files from iPhone to Mac using SyncMate, for example, the files you add on Mac will also be available on iPad thanks to synchronization.
Of course, since we’re talking about two Apple products, there are multiple ways to sync iPhone and Mac devices. You can either use Apple Music (the former iTunes) if you want to transfer media. Or, to get the perfect answer to how to connect iPhone to Mac, you can turn to SyncMate for a thorough job at syncing all kinds of files and folders.
Transferring files between a computer using Windows and a Mac isn’t exactly straightforward. However, you can still do it with an iCloud sync Mac service offered by SyncMate. You can integrate Dropbox as well and easily transfer anything from a Windows computer.
Some users prefer Apple Music when it comes to sync music between various Apple devices. However, there’s a way to manage iPod without iTunes. SyncMate offers complete functionality to get all your music, photos, videos, documents, and other files from one device to another.
Not only that SyncMate can do the same job as any native sync suite like Samsung Kies Mac, but it offers functions that are not available in these apps. For example, the ability to move entire folders from one device to another or adding cloud storage solutions. So, no matter if you compare SyncMate with Mi PC Suite for Mac or any other sync suite, it will always come out on top.
After looking at numerous solutions that offer Mac synchronization services, we can easily reach a conclusion. SyncMate is the best sync software for Mac as it offers a wide list of functions, the possibility to connect multiple devices to your computer, and also add online storage solutions as a local disk for easy management. Give it a try, test all the features and you won’t be disappointed!
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