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How to sync iPhone to Mac?

Sync your iPhone and other iOS devices with Mac

SyncMate offers you a unique possibility to sync your iOS devices with MULTIPLE Macs! Doesn't matter how many Macs or iPhones, iPads and iPods you own, with SyncMate all of them will be synced with each other.

Sync Contacts & Calendars

SyncMate allows you to sync Contacts and Calendars between your Macs absolutely for free. Finally, you've found free tool to sync your Macs!

Sync folders between Mac and iOS device

Turn your iOS device into portable device with all important files, documents, presentations and folders in it. You can easily sync iPhone to Mac.
Sync is possible only with ~/User/Media folder on iOS device. EXPERT

SMS management

With SyncMate you can read your SMS messages, export them to different formats (TXT, CSV and HTML) and search through them without even touching your phone.

Extra options for your iOS device

Besides all mentioned above SyncMate offers you even more: bookmarks sync, possibility to view text messages and call history directly on your Mac, etc.
iOS sync Mac

Options available for iOS devices

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