Backup solution offered by SyncMate takes care of securing your data. One click will ensure your vital data is safe – you do not have to worry about ever losing it during syncing.

Secure your data

With SyncMate there is no danger of losing or damaging your personal data. Expert edition allows you to backup all your Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and even Safari Bookmarks.

Automatic Backup

Think you might forget to click that Backup button? Once you get your settings right, leave the rest to SyncMate. Your data will be automatically backed up during each sync session.

Offline Backup

SyncMate stores your back up data on your hard disk. No cloud services or external servers are involved, so accessibility of your data does not depend on your network.

Restore your data

SyncMate Expert makes it possible to restore your important data. Choose a required backup point, and a single click will restore your information – it is easy and reliable.

Devices compatible with Backup sync

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