Outlook account

Sync your Live Outlook account
with your Mac

Synchronizing Mac with non-native apps is not always a very straightforward issue. SyncMate is an app designed to make this task easier for you, all it requires to sync your online Outlook account with Mac is several clicks.
Outlook gives you 16 GB of the OneDrive cloud storage for your images, videos and documents. You can access your photo-, video-, audio libraries and other media files from wherever you go.
Mac owners who use Microsoft solutions might want to know more about syncing Mac with Office 365 Home or Business.

Contacts and Calendar

Start with syncing your Contacts & Calendar data, SyncMate does it in the best possible way - no contacts or events will be lost or missed.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Managing data stored on OneDrive cloud is easy. SyncMate enables you to mount it on your Mac as another disk, so you can browse the data as if it were kept on your machine.

Automatic Syncing

Set up your syncing preferences once and opt for automatic syncing in the background. You won’t ever have to worry whether you forgot to click Sync button again.

Files and Folders

Files and folders can be synced too, thanks to OneDrive integration service. If you set up automatic syncing, your data will always be up-to-date without much effort from your side.
Sync Outlook with Mac

Options available for Outlook Account sync


Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+
53.09MB free space
Version 7.0.365 (20th Sep, 2017) Release notes
Download Total downloads: 1,254,084
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