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Try MacDroid to transfer photos from Android to Mac

Transfer photos from Android to Mac without any issues

Best way to transfer photos from Android to Mac | MacDroid
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Our smartphones allow capturing the most important moments in life, but photos take up a lot of space in the internal memory. If transferring files from iPhone to MacBook is easy enough, performing Android file transfer to macOS devices can be quite troublesome. But actually, it is not as challenging as it seems. Below, we provide ways to transfer photos between these two devices.

How to transfer photos from Android to MacBook with Image Capture

Mac has a native utility called Image Capture that makes transferring photos easier. It allows importing images from cameras, smartphones, or tablets connected to Mac or the network.

Follow the guide below to know how to transfer photos from Android to Mac with Image Capture.

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Use a USB cable to plug in your devices.
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Make sure File transfer mode is enabled on your Android device. Unlock your Android device and tap on the notification that says "USB charging this device". USB Preferences will display, select the "Transfer photos (PTP)". PTP is a protocol for transferring images from digital cameras to computers and other peripherals.
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Next, go to the Applications folder on Mac, find Image Capture, and launch it.

Now you are almost ready to transfer photos from Android to Mac.

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Select your Android phone under the "Devices" list on the left bar of the app.
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Сhoose the destination where you wish to save the photos and then select photos. Click "Import" and photos will be transferred to the desired location. You can click "Import all" if you want to move all your photos at once.
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Done! Now, you can view photos on Mac.

MacDroid: the best way to transfer photos from Android to Mac

How to transfer photos from Android to Mac using USB | MacDroid


Requirements: macOS 10.15. 19.47MB free space. Version 2.0.211. (23 May, 2024). 4.7 Rank based on 556+ users, Reviews(439)
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The photo transfer app simplifies maintaining connections between devices with different operating systems.

MacDroid supports various file types. In addition to photos, you can also transfer audio and video from one device to another without any problems.

And that's not all that MacDroid offers.

Plus, to edit photos from your Android on Mac, you don't need to import the files. The application greatly simplifies this process, allowing you to make changes to photos without transferring them to the computer.

MacDroid gives you the choice to operate in MTP mode or ADB mode. MTP mode refers to Single operation mode and means you can connect to or Android and any MTP device like a camera, while ADB (Multi operational mode) features a faster way of file management and transfer.

To start transferring files with MacDroid, you will need:

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Install MacDroid on your Mac.
Connect your Android device to your Mac using a USB cable. Make sure the cable is not damaged and connected properly, otherwise data transfer will not be possible.
 Your phone may prompt you for choosing the type of connection - in this case select 'File transfer'.
In the MacDroid app, select "MTP mode". Your Android device will display in the device list. Select and mount it.
 You'll see 'mounted' near phone's icon in MacDroid interface.
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Now, you can access Android photos in Finder and start transferring.

Alternative options: how to transfer photos from Android to Mac wirelessly

We've covered ways on how to transfer photos from Android to Mac using USB, but you can also connect your devices wirelessly. If you don't have a USB cable handy, there are apps that can connect your Android to Mac with Wi-Fi.

Another way that should be mentioned is the Google Photos service which you can set up so that all your photos will sync automatically between devices. You can upload all the photos stored on your phone to the Google Photos library and then access them from any device - smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

While Mac and Android run different operating systems, there are still solutions for transferring files. Some require connecting devices with a USB cable, others allow you to transfer photos from Android to Mac wirelessly.

The Wi-Fi file transfer is convenient as you don’t need to use any cables, but the transfer process can be a little slow. If you need to transfer a folder with high-quality photos, it's better to connect your Android device to the Mac with a cable and move your files with MacDroid. It is the fast and reliable way that makes Android Mac transfer as simple as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite a few solutions out there for anyone looking to transfer files from Android to PC and Mac. You can connect devices via USB cable and transfer files in this way. If USB file transfer isn’t right for you, you can do it through Wi-Fi or use cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.
To transfer photos from Android to PC is easy, you can opt for an Android file transfer SD card. But if you’re looking for a fast and reliable way to transfer photos from Samsung to Mac, you can use MacDroid. To get started, you need to connect your devices with a USB cable. Once connected, it will take you a few seconds to transfer the photos.
For this purpose, you will need to use tools that allow you to connect your devices via Wi-Fi. SyncMate is a good wireless solution to help you move photos and transfer videos from Android to Mac as well. After the initial USB connection, you can program it to sync automatically.
Android file transfer may not work on Mac if your current operating system version is lower than macOS 10.7. Also, check your USB cable, it may be defective or for charging only. Make sure the file transfer is enabled on your phone. If the problem still exists, you can use alternatives like MacDroid. It allows you to transfer photos, music from Mac to Android without effort.