Sync Mac with Dropbox account

Keep your favorite music, images and videos in sync between Mac and Dropbox account! SyncMate can easily sync media files in your Mac with Dropbox and vice versa.
You can easily reach your data from any spot on the globe! Once it is synced from your Mac to your Dropbox account, it can be reached from anywhere.

Back up personal data

SyncMate is probably the only tool that can back up Mac Contacts, Calendars, To Do/Reminders, and Safari bookmarks to Dropbox account.

Sync media files

SyncMate gives you the power to sync not only images and music, but also videos from your Photos and iTunes library as well to your Dropbox account or vice versa.

Sync automatically

SyncMate allows you to sync data between your Dropbox account and Mac automatically. Set the required sync parameters once and they will be applied during further sync processes.

Sync folders

With SyncMate you can easily sync the whole folder with files between your Mac and Dropbox instead of syncing each file separately.
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Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+
61.49MB free space
Version 7.3.427 (20th Dec, 2018) Release notes
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