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Sync your Mac with Google account

If you cannot imagine your daily life without Google services, SyncMate is just right for you! SyncMate will sync your Contacts and Calendars with Google Contacts and Calendars absolutely for free! Believe it or not, but SyncMate will sync images, videos and music on Mac with your Google Drive account. Benefit from having your media files synced between Mac and Google Drive!

Safe sync

SyncMate connects to your Google account via HTTPS protocol, while your e-mail and password won't be used for anywhere else than connecting SyncMate to your Google account.

Sync folders between Mac and Android

Apart from contacts, calendars and media files SyncMate can also sync folders with different files in them between your Mac and Google Drive account.

Mount Google Drive

With SyncMate you can not only sync data between your Mac and Google Drive storage, but also mount your Google Drive storage as a Mac disk!

Autosync Google account and Mac

No need to click "Sync now" button every time you've updated contacts or calendar entries on your Mac or Google account. Choose the sync settings just once and data will be synced automatically from now forth.
Sync your Mac with Google account

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Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+
53.09MB free space
Version 7.0.365 (20th Sep, 2017) Release notes
Download Total downloads: 1,254,084
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