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Connect Pixel to Mac with SyncMate

Your search for an app that allows you to connect Pixel to Mac has just ended. We know how difficult it is to find the proper tools to keep your Google Pixel and Mac synchronized and come with the perfect answer. SyncMate is the only app you’ll need to connect Google Pixel to Mac and easily sync or move files from one device to another.

Check out all the features and functionality that SyncMate brings and learn how to connect Pixel 2 to Mac with ease.

How to Connect Google Pixel to Mac Using SyncMate via USB

We’ve put together the steps you need to follow to connect Pixel to Mac. However, before moving on to the actual process, let’s go through what you’ll need for this operation. Luckily, you’ll only need the USB cable that came with your phone and to make sure you have enough battery on your device. With SyncMate, you won’t ever have to worry that USB won't show up on Mac.
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Make sure you put the Pixel in USB debugging mode.
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Use the USB cable to connect the two devices.
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The SyncMate module for Android devices is automatically installed on your Pixel.
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Double-check that the SyncMate module is running and is turned on.
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It’s time to open SyncMate and choose the connection type your want from “Connection Settings”:

  • Mount to sync: choosing this option you can mount your Pixel to manually sync any content to your Mac.

  • AutoSync: each time you connect Pixel 3 to Mac or any other Pixel model, the AutoSync function will update the files on the devices so that everything is up to date.
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Click “Apply” to save your settings.
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Next, click on “Sync” to start the process. Alternatively, you can go for selective sync and choose the plugins that you want to sync before starting the process.

Syncing Your Pixel to Mac Wirelessly with SyncMate

If you don’t want to connect Pixel to Mac via USB, you can also get the devices synced via Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that syncing the files through a wireless network requires good connectivity and a fast internet connection so everything goes smooth. Here are the steps to connect Google Pixel to Mac via Wi-Fi:
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Scan the QR code on the website to get the the Android version of SyncMate on your Pixel.
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Open “Downloads” on your Google Pixel and run SyncMate.apk.
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The install process could be blocked. If this happens, go to “Setting” and approve “Unknown sources”.
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Run SyncMate.apk again.
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Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi and start syncing.
You could also sync Google Pixel devices with Mac wirelessly through third-party apps such as Google Drive or Google Photos. However, doing so requires you to have a Google Drive account and as a Mac user you may use other cloud storage options.
Contacts & Calendars

Contacts & Calendars FREE

Go for free SyncMate and have your contacts and calendars perfectly synced with our Mac Pixel sync software. You also have the possibility to look through the text messages on your computer once you connect Pixel to Mac.
Sync music, photos and videos

Sync music, photos and videos EXPERT

Don't worry about constantly copying and moving music, images, or videos between your computer and phone. Connect Google Pixel to Mac, and SyncMate will take great care in keeping them up-to-date between your Google Pixel and Mac.
Manage SMS


Additionally to being able to synchronize Google Pixel with Mac you can fully manage your SMS messages on your computer: browse, create, send and delete! You can also export SMS messages to a file if you connect Pixel XL to Mac using SyncMate.
Sync a lot!

Sync a lot! EXPERT

Syncing Google Pixel and Mac with SyncMate gives you the opportunity to keep Safari bookmarks* and folders up-to-date between computer and phone. Mount any Google Pixel device via USB cable and forget about the “can’t connect Pixel to Mac” issues you had in the past.

* Bookmarks are synced for Android 3.x-5.x devices.

Sync your Android phone or tablet

SyncMate is compatible with any Android 5.x-11.x device. You can sync your Mac with Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Lenovo, LG, HTC, Meizu, Vivo, Moto Droid, Oppo, Nexus, Android Nokia, Google Pixel, BlackBerry, Sony Xperia, Asus, OnePlus, Acer, Dell, Archos, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting your Pixel 3 to your Mac is a very simple process if you use SyncMate. You can either do it via USB or Wi-Fi and synchronize the data or folders on both devices. The same app can be used to connect Pixel 2 to Mac as well as any other Pixel models.
Of course. All Google Pixel models are compatible with your MacBook provided you use the right tool. SyncMate supports all Pixel models and will allow you to easily connect them and organize folders and files. With this app you’ll no longer ask yourself “how do I connect my Pixel to my Mac?”
How to connect Pixel to Mac is one of the most-frequent questions among users. The answer is simple! Add SyncMate to your computer, connect the Google Pixel to your Mac using your USB cable and then follow the steps in the app to safely connect the two devices and organize data.
Sure thing! Using SyncMate for all Android devices or SideSync and Smart Switch for Samsung smartphones you are able to organize files, backup data and many more. You can forget all about the cannot connect Pixel 2 XL to Mac issue by using SyncMate.
It’s hard to say what kind of hardware the people from Google use. However, since they have their HQ in the USA, it’s most likely they use Macs.
connect Pixel to Mac.
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