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Sync Android with Mac
Your phone or tablet easily syncs with Mac

Syncing data between Mac and Android can be a real headache as there are no built-in solutions that can connect and transfer data between these devices. In fact, SyncMate is the only Android file transfer Mac app you need to keep data updated between Mac and Android.

Sync various Android models with Mac

No matter which phone model you own, if it runs Android 5.x-11.x SyncMate will sync Android to Mac and vice versa. Below are the usage scenarios for the most popular devices.

Probably the best app to synchronize Mac with Android

And we can prove this! SyncMate offers you unique possibility to sync almost any data in your Mac with your Android directly. No need to use third-party storages or apps, SyncMate, our powerful Android sync manager, will perform file sync Mac directly between macOS and Android native apps.

So, let’s start with Free Edition of SyncMate.

Sync Contacts & Calendars  Free

Tired of double entering the same contacts and calendar entries on Mac and Android phone or tablet? Enter them once - sync them with SyncMate! Just connect your Mac and Android device and sync Contacts and Calendar for free!

Syncing in background  Free

Depending on data volume the duration of synchronization can vary. We value your comfort and do not want SyncMate to distract you from current tasks while data is being synced. So we taught SyncMate to work in the background.
SyncMate provides more options for syncing Android with Mac in its Expert Edition.

Get even more Mac Android sync options with Expert Edition

If Mac contacts and Mac calendar sync with Android is not enough for you, we’ve got SyncMate Expert Edition. What is sync on Android with SyncMate? It’s syncing any (we mean any) data between your Mac and Android.

Music, images, playlists, bookmarks and folders - you are not limited in what you can sync Android with Mac computer using SyncMate Expert.

Sync your photos and videos

Sync your photos and videos  Expert

Sync your favorite images and videos between Mac and Android and share them with your friends on the go!

Folders  Expert

Add as many files to your folders as needed and sync them for easy access. No copying or moving anything manually when you have SyncMate.
Sync music and playlists

Sync music and playlists  Expert

SyncMate Expert gives you a unique possibility to sync playlists or music folders between Mac and Android.
Call history sync

Call history sync  Expert

With this function, you can manage your call history hassle-free. Check incoming, outgoing, missed calls and view the details like call duration, number, date right from your Mac.
	SMS management

SMS management  Expert

Receive, create, delete and even export your text messages to file on your Mac with its convenient full-size keyboard.
Extra options

Extra options  Expert

SyncMate gives you even more and allows syncing Android with Mac automatically and in the background. Moreover, you can backup Android data on Mac with SyncMate Backup plugin. Did we mention you can view Android call history on Mac? You can!
MacDroid logo

Need a simple file transfer? - Try MacDroid

Transfer Files, Photos, Videos, Music, and manage entire Folders between your Mac computer and your Android device connected via USB.

So, which data can be synced between macOS and Android?

SyncMate gives you a huge variety of options to sync Mac with Android. Check the list below to learn more about sync directions for each plugin.

All you wanted to know about Mac Android synchronization

Yes, Mac synchronization with Android by native Apple services is impossible. But SyncMate goes beyond and offers its own sync service that makes data sync and transfer between macOS and Android possible, e.g. Samsung sync Mac. We did a great job and hope you will like it!

Yes, you can. SyncMate allows you to synchronize Android data with Mac, and also gives you an opportunity of syncing folders. There is no need to copy or move files manually.

You can also mount Android as a Mac disk with MacDroid. In such a case all user folders of your Android (internal and external storages) will be shown in Finder and you can transfer Xiaomi Mac.

Data security - that what we care the most when syncing. SyncMate doesn’t share your data with any third-party services. Sync is performed directly from macOS apps to Android and vice versa, so you can be sure that your data stays with you and doesn’t flow outside of the stream. SyncMate is really the best Android sync app data, you can certainly use it as HTC sync manager Mac.
No matter which model of Android device you own, if it runs Android 5.x-10.x - SyncMate will sync it with your Mac. SyncMate works with OS, not with phone model itself, and can easily connect Pixel to Mac.

There are not so many apps to sync Mac with Android presently. However, to assure you that SyncMate can be the best option for you, we put together the list of key features that differentiate SyncMate among its competitors.

  • It has its own sync service that makes Android data transfer to macOS (and vice versa) possible.
  • SyncMate doesn’t use any third-party apps or storages to sync data, so you can be sure your data is safe and secure.
  • SyncMate doesn’t limit the quantity of devices you can connect and sync with Mac.
  • SyncMate is probably the only app that supports such a wide range of data.
It is safe to say that SyncMate is a great Android File Transfer Mac replacement providing you with more options than the latter. Using it, you can sync data between Mac and Android in minutes. In case you need to mount your Android device as a disk, we recommend using MacDroid.
SyncMate doesn’t limit the quantity of Android phones and tablets you can connect to your macOS computer and sync.
SyncMate offers you full integration of all apps in macOS and Android. This means that if you are syncing contacts between Mac and Android, they are synced between Address Books, media is synced directly between Photos and gallery on Android and so on.
Roughly speaking, SyncMate does almost the same that Google services do. SyncMate's strong suit however is the flexibility it offers while syncing.

With SyncMate you can choose which exact account or device should be synced, while Google services update data across all devices within your Google account.

SyncMate allows you to choose which folder or group of contacts you need to sync, Google services don’t.

With SyncMate you can choose sync direction for each plugin - Mac to Android, Android to Mac, or bi-directional. With Google services you can’t.
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