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Top 5 ways to manage Android messages on Mac

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While you are working at your computer you don't really want to be distracted by incoming texts. But what if there would be a way to maintain productivity without having to pick up your phone all the time to answer texts? That’s exactly what SyncMate offers to all Mac users. Not only that this app is perfect for syncing your Android messages on Mac, but it also enables you to manage, send/receive, and organize SMS messages from your Mac. Reading the SMS messages directly on your Mac and answering using the keyboard will seriously cut the time needed to reply so you can remain productive and not isolate yourself during work hours. Already sounds like an awesome app to help you balance work and social life? Check out all the features that SyncMate brings.

1. Manage SMS directly on your Mac with SyncMate

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SyncMate Expert

Requirements: macOS 10.13+. 60.62MB free space. Version 8.8.539. (18 Jun, 2024). 4.5 Rank based on 795+ users, Reviews(476)
Category: Utilities

SyncMate is a powerful file sync software that allows syncing data on Mac with Android devices. Free version of SyncMate allows syncing contacts and calendars between Mac and Android; paid (Expert) edition will sync images, videos, music, playlists, folders with files and more.

Manage SMS on Mac

With Expert edition you can sync data automatically.

SyncMate Free edition lets you read text messages of your Android right on your Mac (Inbox, Sent, Draft, Outbox).

Please note that if you want contact names to be shown instead of telephone numbers, you will need to sync Contacts between your Mac and Android first (can be done with SyncMate Free edition).

SyncMate Expert gives you a wider range of SMS management options. With Expert Edition you can not just view, but also send (create new messages or reply to received ones), export messages, remove chats and search through SMS.

2. Send and export text messages from Mac

With the Expert version of SyncMate you can send text messages right from your Mac (your device should be connected to Mac) - just click “New text (SMS)” button.

New text message

You can also send messages to multiple recipients at a time.

Choose recepients

Write SMS on Mac

SyncMate Expert allows exporting messages from your Android to your Mac in HTML, TXT and CSV formats - just click “Export” button next to the message.

Export SMS

And choose the required format.

SMS Manager

3. How to text Android from Mac using Android Messages

Always wanted to connect your phone to your Mac so that you can easily receive text messages on Mac from Android phone? Luckily, you’re not the only one who wants this to happen and the Android Messages app can be used to easily send and receive SMS messages on a Mac. Here’s what you need to do to enable your phone and Mac to communicate with ease:

Android Messages for Mac

  1. Open Android Messages on your smartphone.
  2. On the Mac, access in Safari, Chrome or any other web browser you use.
  3. On the screen of your Mac, you will see a unique QR code.
  4. Back to your phone, tap “Scan QR code” and aim your camera at the screen so that the QR code fits the rectangle on the phone.
  5. Make sure to check the “Remember this computer” box so that you won’t have to repeat this process very often.
  6. Once the QR code is scanned, you will start seeing the Android messages for Mac, directly on the screen.

Through Android Messages, you get full functionality on your Mac, not just basic sending and receiving messages. You have a long list of settings, you can start new threads, delete old ones, add emojis, stickers, and even support for photos and videos. Another big plus of the ability to send text messages from Mac is that you will extend your phone’s battery life dramatically since you won’t have to use it when you’re near your computer anymore.

4. How to text from a Mac using Email

Continuing our journey to find out how to text Android from Mac, we are taking a look at how the Email service on Mac can be used to send SMS messages. If you’re reading this and think you’re reading it wrong because there’s no connection between email and SMS messages, just give it a chance. It’s not too complicated either and we’ve listed the steps on how to get Android messages on Mac via Email:

Email service on Mac

  1. Open your browser and access your email service - this works with any browser you use (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc) and any email service (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc).
  2. Start composing a new email and instead of the email address, insert the recipient’s phone number.
  3. OIn order for this to work, you will need to add the SMS gateway of their mobile provider at the end of the phone number. For example, if the number is 8732541098 and they are using T-Mobile, you will send the email to You can find all the SMS gateways for providers online.
  4. Type the SMS text in the email message box. Any SMS, no matter the provider, has a 160-characters limit so if you go over that, your message will be sent in multiple pieces.
  5. Hit send.

Even though it seems a bit more technical than using Android Messages, this method doesn’t require you to install any other apps to send Android messages Mac. However, you will also not get the full control over SMS threads, emojis and other functions that are offered by a dedicated app for this. Either way, if you want to send an SMS message from your Mac without using your phone, this is a valid way to do so.

5. Try MobileTrans to transfer messages from Android to Mac

If you’re not looking to send SMS messages from Mac and you only want to find a way to transfer Google messages on Mac, we have the perfect solution for you. MobileTrans is the app that allows you to rapidly and effortlessly transfer messages from any Android phone to your Mac. It’s easy to use even if you never have done this before and we’ve listed all the steps on how to send SMS from Mac:

MobileTrans transfer messages app

  1. Install the MobileTrans app on your Mac, run it and connect your Android smartphone via a USB cable.
  2. When the app detects your Android device, a new window will open which gives you several options for the next action.
  3. Choose “Backup” in the list of options.
  4. Your smartphone will appear on the left and your Mac will show on the right side of the screen
  5. From a list of available Mac backup items, select “Text messages” box so that all Mac messages Android will be transferred from your phone to the Mac.
  6. Hit Start and wait for the app to finish the process.

While this app doesn’t allow you to text Android from Mac, it’s excellent for all users that want to backup their SMS messages from any device to a Mac computer. If you want to save your communication in case you lose the phone or have to reset it to factory settings, this is the easiest way to do so.

6. FAQ

The best way to send text messages from any Mac is SyncMate. With SyncMate Expert you get complete functionality to handle SMS messages just like you would on your mobile phone. It’s an excellent all-in-one tool to send, receive, export and organize SMS messages directly on your Mac.
You’re probably not using the right app for the job. Some apps only allow you to backup the SMS messages or read them, without sending. That’s why you can just rely on SyncMate Expert to have full control over your SMS messages.
There are several options for backing up your Android text messages on your Mac computer. However, the easiest way to do so is to use SyncMate as it’s a complete solution for anything you want to do regarding SMS messages on Mac.
Yes, if you have an Android smartphone you can use the Google Assistant to read your messages out loud. There are other standalone apps that do the same function, it’s up to you to find the best one for your needs.
There’s no way someone else can access your messages. Even when using an app like SyncMate to get them on your Mac, nobody else can access them but you. There are strong security protocols in place to keep all the data safe. The same applies to share Outlook calendar on Mac.

We’ve given you several methods to send/receive and manage SMS messages from a Mac computer. Depending on what you need to do, you can test each of the solutions presented above and establish the perfect one for your needs. We’ve made sure to include ways to send and receive SMS messages on Android from a Mac or backup your SMS messages on your computer, you have the best solutions to do so. No matter which one you choose, you should always focus on getting the job done the easiest way, with the best precision and limited costs.

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