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All things happening in our lives are right there in our phones - photos of our loved ones, events planned way ahead, important notes. Now if you misplace your mobile device it's all suddenly gone, so backing up your data is really important. SyncMate keeps it all in sync: contacts, calendars, bookmarks, reminders, etc.

Our mobile devices have become part and parcel of our existence in modern society. They started as a means to make phone calls, and over the years, they evolved into tools that are crucial to our livelihoods. We now use our mobile devices to conduct business, to manage our finances, to plan our days, and to store data that is of vital importance. This is why it is so important that we backup our devices on a computer. This article will explore a wide variety of options on how to backup Android to Mac.

1. Try SyncMate to back up Android data on Mac

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SyncMate Expert

Requirements: macOS 10.13+. 60.62MB free space. Version 8.8.539. (18 Jun, 2024). 4.5 Rank based on 795+ users, Reviews(476)
Category: Utilities

SyncMate allows syncing files on Mac with Android devices and vice versa. With SyncMate Free edition you can sync contacts and calendars between your Mac and Android and view Android SMS messages directly on Mac.

With SyncMate Expert edition you can sync images, videos, music, playlists, folders with files and more and manage text messages directly on Mac.

SyncMate wizard

These simple steps will explain how to back up your personal data from Android on Mac with SyncMate. Note that SyncMate backs up data on your Mac (iCal, Contacts, and Safari), so to back up data from your Android you will first need to sync it to your Mac and then create a backup.

  1. Download SyncMate Free edition, install it on your Mac and launch. "Backups" plugin is available in Expert edition only, so you will need to upgrade your Free version. You can upgrade here (we recommend you to test SyncMate Free Edition prior to upgrading to Expert).
  2. Click “Add New” link in the left panel, choose Android device and connect your phone or tablet to your Mac.
  3. Choose what data you want to sync and back up. Press “+” button in the top panel and choose “Contacts”, “Calendars”, “Reminders” or “Safari bookmarks” plugin/s. Set sync options for each plugin.
  4. Sync options for Android

  5. Press “Sync” button - your data will be synced.
  6. Go to “My Mac” section in the left panel and choose “Backups” tab. Choose data you want to back up - contacts, Outlook Mac calendar, reminders or Safari bookmarks. Once you press Backup button, data on your Mac will be backed up. Once it is done, the file will appear in your Backups list. You can also enable automatic backup at the time of each sync session.
  7. Back up data with SyncMate

  8. If you want to restore any backup, just select it in the list and press Restore button - data will appear on your Mac exactly as it was at the moment of backup. After this you can sync data from Mac to Android.

SyncMate can sync data on your Mac not only with Android devices, but with iOS devices, other Mac computers, online accounts and storages (iCloud, Google, Dropbox), Windows services (Outlook, Office 365 Home and Business editions). All these devices are synced with Mac within one app - SyncMate.


2. How to backup Mac and/or Android using MacDroid

Best way to transfer video files | MacDroid


Requirements: macOS 10.15. 19.47MB free space. Version 2.0.211. (23 May, 2024). 4.7 Rank based on 556+ users, Reviews(439)
Category: Utilities
Backing up your Android device with your Mac computer has never been easier with MacDroid. Simply connect Android to Mac via a USB cable and open MacDroid. Once you open the program, you’ll see a menu on the left side with a list of “locations”. Click on your Android phone and MacDroid will list the contents to the right of this menu. Simply drag and drop whichever files you’d like to sync, or choose to sync all files.

MacDroid prides itself on offering you easy access to your Android device via Mac’s Finder and the software is known for running efficiently and doing the job quickly. MacDroid also offers you the option to edit files on your Android via your Mac. You can also transfer photos, music, videos, and any files you’d like. MacDroid offers you plenty of customization options so you can choose exactly how you’d like to backup your Android phone to Mac.

Here’s how to backup a Mac, or vice versa, using MacDroid:

  1. Download MacDroid.
  2. Plug in your Android device to your Mac computer via a USB cable.
  3. Open MacDroid and your Android device should appear in the program as a disk on your Mac’s drive. Or, you can just click on your Android’s icon in Mac’s Finder.
  4. Click on the appropriate disk and MacDroid will give you a list of contents, sorted by category, that is available to be synced with your Mac.
  5. Click on which file types you’d like transferred and synced, and away you go!

When it comes to how to backup your Mac, MacDroid prides itself on being the simplest to use software out there. This program offers customization options for the advanced computer user, as well as simplistic “press of a button” options for those not comfortable with getting into the nitty-gritty.

3. Backup Android to Mac with Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is a program developed by Google, specifically for Android users who also use a Mac computer — it is the only native utility for this process. Unfortunately, though, it has not been updated in several years and some users complain that this program can be very slow when syncing or transferring files.

Android File Transfer

Nevertheless, here’s how to do so:

  1. Download the Android File Transfer app and open the .dmg file on your Mac computer.
  2. Drag Android File Transfer to your Applications folder.
  3. Connect your Android device to your Mac via a USB cable.
  4. Double click the Android File Transfer icon.
  5. Browse the files, folders, etc, on your Android device and pick and choose which items you’d like to sync and/or backup on your Mac.

Unfortunately, Android to Mac File Transfer has not been updated by its developers in quite some time, so users might find that it lacks features and/or has a few bugs. It’s not the simplest program to understand, but it is the only native Android to Mac file transfer program out there.

4. Use a software called Dr.Fone to back up Android

Dr.Fone is another downloadable software option for Android backup to your Mac. It allows you to backup Android to Mac with one click. This app allows you to transfer videos, photos, text messages, apps, and more from your Android. You can also utilize it to manage your Android device’s media — you can export, add, and delete data in batches via your Mac computer.

dr.fone file transfer app

Here’s how to use this handy software:

  1. Download and install dr.fone on your Mac.
  2. Connect your Android device via a USB cable and launch dr.fone.
  3. Click on “transfer” on the homepage of the app and wait for it to detect your Android device. If you’re having trouble connecting your device, go to your “Settings” app on your Mac and enable USB debugging.
  4. Once your Android phone is connected, you can select different types of data to backup from the tabs at the top. Choose between music, videos, photos, apps, and choose “explorer” to find other types of data on your Android.
  5. Click “preview” and select “Android data”, then click “export” to transfer your files to your Mac.
  6. Give it a few minutes, and then you should be all set.

Dr.Fone is known for being a very user-friendly application for backing up your Android to your Mac. The program offers tons of features and is especially geared at those users who are looking to recover data lost on the Android device. All in all, it’s a solid app that is worth its price tag.

5. Backup Android data to Mac with Syncios

Transferring data between your Android device and your Mac computer does not come organically. You will generally need third-party software to perform this task, and Syncios is a good choice. Syncios is a downloadable software that allows you to transfer up to 10 types of data between your Android phone and your Mac computer. It supports such files as movies (.mov, .m4v, .mp4, etc.), music (.mp3, .mpeg, .midi), audiobooks, eBook files such as .ePub and PDFs, as well as your contacts, text messages, and photographs.

Syncios Android file transfer

Here’s how to use Syncios:

  1. First, download and launch Syncios Android to Mac Transfer, then connect your Android device to your Mac computer using a USB cable.
  2. Once you’ve launched the app, go to the “backup” option on the homepage. Once the program detects your Android device, it will automatically show you all of the data on your phone that can be transferred.
  3. You can choose to transfer/backup all data, or you can just select the data that you’d like transferred.
  4. Once you’ve selected the files you’d like transferred, click on the “start copy” button. Give it some time, and then you will see all of the data from your Android displayed on your Mac computer!

Syncios is an Android to Mac backup solution that allows you to simply and effectively transfer files from your Android to your iOS device. It works with iPads, iPhones, etc, and it allows the user many options insofar as to what type of files they’d like to transfer. Overall, it’s a solid choice.

6. Try Coolmuster Android Assistant to backup Android

Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac is a solid choice for syncing data between your Android device and your Mac computer. This software offers a one-click option to backup your Android phone. It also allows you to sync, transfer, and edit various kinds of Android files, such as your contacts, SMS messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, apps, eBooks, etc.

Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download and launch Coolmuster. You might need to enable USB debugging on your Android device to make sure this program will detect your device once you plug it in via a USB cable.(If you don’t have a USB cable handy, you can also connect your device via WiFi.)
  2. You can choose to backup your device with one click. Navigate to the “super toolkit” section by clicking the icon, then click the “backup” option. Next, select the files that you’d like to backup to Mac and choose a place to save them by clicking the “browse” button. Click “back up” once you’re done.
  3. You can also transfer certain data from your Android to your Mac in batches, or vice versa. This way, you can preview the information of selected files and pick and choose which files you’d like to import/export.

Coolmuster is a great all-around tool for backing up your Android device to your Mac computer and vice versa. The most prominent complaint about this software is its cost. Its price tag is $30, but it’s known for its speed and variety of options, so we think it’s worth a look.

7. Back up to Mac FAQs:

Yes, you can! The list we’ve provided above can be used as a guide to choose which sync service fits your needs the best. We believe that, among all the different software we’ve reviewed here, SyncMate and MacDroid are your best bets due to their simplicity of use and reliability.
Most of the software we’ve reviewed in this article will allow you to sync/backup the entire contents of your Android phone onto your Mac computer. You can also pick and choose what content from your phone you’d like to backup with Syncmate or MacDroid, rather than simply backing up every single piece of content on your Android mobile device.
SyncMate allows you to sync contacts and calendars between your Mac and Android devices and comes with a backup solution. To back up data from your phone you first need to sync it to your Mac computer and then choose the “contacts” option. Next, the program will effortlessly copy your Android contacts onto your Mac computer!
The amount of time it will take to sync your Android data with your Mac depends on the amount of data on your phone, and which data you’d like synced. If you simply want to sync your contacts, this should take no more than a few minutes via a program like MacDroid or SyncMate.
Yes — with SyncMate and MacDroid, you can! When you open the program, you’ll see an option at the top of the menu to “activate more plugins”. Simply click on “SMS”, then sync, and all your Android messages will magically appear on your Mac!

All of the programs we’ve listed above have been reviewed by our experts and proven to be among the best, most user-friendly tools for backing up your Android device to your Mac computer. Essentially, the goal of these programs is to build a bridge between two types of operating systems that were designed with very different goals and objectives. Transferring data between Mac operating systems and PC, Android, etc, operating systems used to be impossible, but nowadays, there are plenty of options out there to help you. We hope we’ve provided you with some insight on how to do so!

SyncMate Expert

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Version 8.8.539 (18 Jun, 2024) Release notes
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