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Connect two Mac desktops or laptops

Synchronize your Mac with other Macs

SyncMate can easily sync data between several Mac machines. Contacts, calendars, media files, folders, bookmarks, etc. - all of that and even more will be perfectly up-to-date on your Macs. The quantity of Macs you can sync is unlimited - if you work with several Macs and need all of them to be synced - SyncMate is the right solution for you.

Sync Contacts & Calendars

SyncMate allows you to sync Contacts and Calendars between your Macs absolutely for free. Finally, you've found free tool to sync your Macs without Google Drive Mac sync!

Sync Music and Photos

If you've just switched to a new Mac and need to transfer your favorite music, images and videos from old to new and shiny one, best sync software for Mac SyncMate will handle this, too. Your iTunes and Photos will be perfectly synced with SyncMate!

Safari bookmarks synchronization

Surf your favorite websites on all of your Macs without bookmarking each link manually, as with SyncMate your Safari bookmarks will be flawlessly synced among them.

Sync several Macs automatically

We've said enough about data which can be synced among your Macs. But we haven't told you yet about the possibility to sync files on Mac automatically! Yes, this is also possible with SyncMate.
Sync several Macs

Options available for Mac sync

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