How Do I Sync My iPhone to Android?

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We live a fast life. And a busy one! It is not unusual for someone to have several cell phones and tablets with them all the time. One can use iPhone as a personal mobile device, and Android phone and tablet for corporate purposes. Keeping all these devices with all different operating systems in sync is an important but not an easy task.

That’s exactly why you need to know you can count on an app to keep all your devices synced so that you never miss an important email or notification. While there are multiple applications out there promising excellent sync across all your devices, when it comes to syncing iPhone to Android, you need to settle with nothing but the best such app. Check out what SyncMate can do for you in this situation.

1. Try SyncMate to sync Android to iPhone

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Requirements: OS X 10.10. 50.9MB free space. Version 8.1.475. (30 Mar, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 374+ users, Reviews(978)
Category: System Utilities

SyncMate is a powerful sync tool that allows keeping your Mac in sync with numerous devices. It offers sync with Android and iOS devices so you can easily sync these devices one with another via Mac using SyncMate.


Just connect both devices to your Mac, sync data from the first one with your Mac and then sync your Mac with the second device.

Contacts and calendars can be synced for free. To sync other data like images, videos, music, folders, etc. you’ll need to upgrade to Expert edition.

Find step-by-step syncing instructions below:

  1. Download SyncMate and install it on your Mac. Open the app.
  2. In SyncMate's main window click ‘Add New’ on the left. Choose the Android and iPhone device options in Wizard and connect them. You can connect any amount of Android and iOS devices to your Mac and they can all be synced with SyncMate.
  3. Select the device you will sync with your Mac first (Android, since we are moving data from it to your iPhone) and choose the sync parameters for this device including the sync direction from device to Mac for each plugin.
  4. SyncMate

  5. Click ‘Sync’. All the selected plugins will sync data from device to your Mac.
  6. SyncMate

  7. Now choose the sync parameters for the iPhone with the sync direction from Mac to device for each plugin.
  8. Click ‘Sync’ to have the data you originally had on Android synced from your Mac to iPhone.

Besides iOS and Android devices, SyncMate allows syncing Mac with online accounts (Google, Dropbox, iCloud), Microsoft services (Outlook, Office 365 Home and Business), other Mac computers, mounted and MTP devices. Of course, all mentioned above devices and accounts can be synced one with another via Mac.

2. Sync photos between iPhone and Android with SyncMate

Most people that wonder how to sync iPhone with Android or other devices want to do so because they want to sync photos. Since syncing photos is very important for most users, SyncMate has dedicated a lot of attention to this functionality of the app. With it, you will be able to easily keep your photos in one place and have easy access to all your memories no matter if you took them with an Android or iPhone. Here are the steps to follow to sync Android to iPhone when it comes to photos:

  1. Download and install SyncMate on your Mac.
  2. Run the app and upgrade it to the Expert edition to gain access to photo synchronization.
  3. Once upgraded, click in the “Add New” button on the left side of the screen.
  4. You will get a list of devices that can be added - choose Android in the list and connect your device.
  5. Press the “+” to choose Photos from the available plugins list.
  6. SyncMate

  7. Define the synchronization parameters like albums/folders, the direction of the sync, or even add conversion settings if you need that.
  8. Start the process and sync all the photos from the iPhone to your Android device.
  9. SyncMate

Using SyncMate you make sure that all your iPhone photos get synced with your Android device and the process can be repeated with multiple other devices if you need to. Not only that SyncMate answers how to sync Android to iPhone questions, but it takes care of both directions of the sync. The extra features like choosing to sync albums as they are or convert photos if you are worried about not having enough space on the Android device, make SyncMate the best tool out there.

3. Use SyncMate to sync Android contacts to iPhone

After seeing how easy it is to sync iPhone to Android when talking about photos, it’s time to explore the contacts sync functions of SyncMate. Considering that photos are way larger than contacts, you won’t have to worry about disk space this time. However, accuracy is extremely important when syncing contacts and that’s why you need to rely on a powerful app to sync contacts from iPhone to Android and vice-versa, just like SyncMate. Contacts sync is included in the app’s free functionality so you won’t need to upgrade to Expert to take full advantage of its features. You get to choose the order of the contacts, apply settings for group sync, and even manage contacts remotely. So, no more asking yourself how do I sync my iPhone contacts with Android, here are the steps to follow:

  1. The first step to sync iPhone contacts to Android and the other way around is downloading SyncMate.
  2. Once you install the app, open it and click on the “Add New” link on the left toolbar.
  3. Choose Android and connect your device to the Mac.
  4. Click on “Contacts” in the plugins list and define the sync parameters as needed.
  5. Choose the desired contacts display version, decide what to do with contact groups and many more parameters.
  6. SyncMate

  7. Once you’re happy with your settings, hit “Sync” and wait for the process to be completed.
  8. SyncMate

Using SyncMate you will no longer have to worry about how you sync iPhone and Android. Contacts on both devices can be updated so that you will never have to look for a contact on the other phone again. This flexibility does not only make you more productive but also brings a lot of peace of mind when you need to contact someone quickly.

4. Transfer data from Android to iPhone using MobileTrans

We’ve covered how to sync iPhone and Android through Mac when it comes to photos and contacts. Now, it’s time to take a look at how to transfer other data from Android to iPhone with MobileTrans. No matter which data you want to transfer, you can trust MobileTrans to take care of everything with maximum speed, accuracy, and safety. This is especially useful when you switch from an Android phone to an iPhone or you simply want to make sure you have the same data on both your work phone and your personal one. The process isn’t much different than what you would do to sync iPad with Android phone, however, we’ve put together a step-by-step process:

    MobileTrans Android to iPhone

  1. Add MobileTrans to your Mac and open it.
  2. Connect your Android device to the Mac via a USB cable and do the same with your iPhone.
  3. You will see a new window that gives you multiple options - choose “Phone Transfer” in this window.
  4. The main window will now show the Android phone on the left, your iPhone on the right, and a menu in the center. Remember, the phone on the left is the one from which you want to send data to the one on the right so if it’s not displayed correctly, click on “Flip” to switch them around.
  5. The menu in the middle allows you to sync all kinds of data: Contacts, Calendar, Text messages, Voice Memos, Bookmarks, Photos, Videos or Music.
  6. Check all the boxes for the data you want to transfer and then click on “Start”.

Yes, it’s that simple to rapidly transfer data from Android to iPhone using MobileTrans. In the age of technology, it shouldn’t take you any more effort than this to make sure all your data is easily reachable no matter the device you are using. This method is extremely flexible and allows you to transfer exactly the data you want, making it highly accurate.

5. Try Syncios to transfer content between iOS and Android

If you’re looking for more ways to transfer various content from iOS to Android and the other way around, Syncios is also a solid alternative. It’s a potent app that allows you to connect two phones at once and rapidly transfer any type of content, be it contacts, photos, media, SMS messages or notes. Here’s how to use Syncios to transfer data from iOS and Android phones:

    Syncios iOS & Android Manager

  1. Install Syncios and open the app on your Mac.
  2. On the left part of the app window, choose Transfer - the first option.
  3. It’s now when you should connect the phones to Mac.
  4. Once you connect the devices, you will see them in the Source and Target Columns.
  5. Click “Next” and you will be taken to a window where you can select exactly the type of data you want to transfer.
  6. After you select the content type you want to transfer, start the process and allow the app to finish transferring the data.

You should also know that when connecting an Android device to Syncios, you will have to go through USB Debugging mode first and add an extra driver. It’s not a complicated process at all so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Besides this extra step, Syncios is a very useful app to transfer data.

6. FAQs

The easiest way to rapidly transfer data from Android to iPhone and the other way around is to use SyncMate. You won’t have to worry about connection issues or any kind of format conflicts. It does an awesome job from one end to another.
Syncing your Samsung devices to an iPhone can be easily done through SyncMate. You will sync them through a Mac so the files first go to Mac and then on the iPhone and that’s also the safest way to do it.
Transferring videos or any other type of media files from Android to iPhone can be done with multiple apps that promise smooth syncing for these two operating systems. However, if you don’t want to worry about format issues or other glitches, SyncMate is the best choice.
Huawei phones are a bit more difficult to sync since they don’t run on Android anymore. However, SyncMate provides the means so that you can easily sync files between Huawei and iPhone, via your Mac. You just connect your Huawei phone to the Mac via SyncMate and then further sync the files to your iPhone.
The process of syncing Android to iPad or any other iOS device is the same as the one presented above for iPhone. Once again, SyncMate is the best solution for all users wanting to transfer data from Android to iOS.

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