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Best Mac synchronization software

Find the best way to sync Android with Mac (top apps of 2021)

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If you are one of those people who have a Mac computer, but prefer to use an Android phone instead of iPhone, then you've probably already dealt with the issue of not having any native means to synchronize Android files from your phone to your Mac. An Android-Mac combination will require you to use third-party apps in order to transfer or synchronize Android files or personal data from your Android device to your Mac computer.

Without downloading a specialized application to help you sync files between your Android device and your Mac computer, the only option you’re left with is using an online app such as Google Drive or Dropbox. And this works just fine if you only want to transfer files every now and again. But for those of us who want to transfer files on a regular basis, we need something more efficient.

Below, we’ve compiled a carefully researched and tested list of what we believe are the best apps that allow you to sync your Android device with your Mac computer.

Top apps to sync Android with Mac

  1. SyncMate for macOS and Android
  2. TunesGO for Android device and Mac OS X computer
  3. doubleTwist for macOS and Android
  4. Android File Transfer for macOS and Android devices
  5. Commander One
  6. MobiKin Assistant
  7. AirDroid
  8. HandShaker
  9. Bypassing Android to Mac transfer/sync apps altogether: Cloud services for macOS and Android devices
  10. How did we rate best apps to sync Android with Mac?

SyncMate for macOS and Android

SyncMate logo

SyncMate Expert

Requirements: macOS 10.13+. 60.62MB free space. Version 8.8.539. (18 Jun, 2024). 4.5 Rank based on 795+ users, Reviews(476)
Category: Utilities

SyncMate has an outstanding functionality and offers a great range of possibilities to sync Android with Mac, as well as some useful non-syncing features. SyncMate offers actual synchronization between your devices, meaning that if you update a file on one device, SyncMate will automatically update that file on every device you have connected on the app.

Although sync Android with Mac is the most popular feature of SyncMate, this multitask tool has a batch of options that you will find useful too.

Supported platforms: Mac OS X and Android.

SyncMate options: SyncMate can sync contacts and calendars between macOS and Android, as well as music and playlists, folders, bookmarks, etc. It also lets you manage text messages and keep track of your call history on your computer.

Pros of SyncMate: Has the ability to update files on both your Mac and Android devices seamlessly, simple user interface, no limit on the amount of devices you can sync to your Mac, and almost unlimited capabilities available on the Expert edition.

Cons of SyncMate: The most advanced features are only available on the Expert version, which you can purchase for $39.95.

Conclusion: SyncMate offers its own SyncService that makes data transfer between your Mac OS X and almost any other device or account a breeze. It also allows you to sync your Android files to your Mac, including your address book, contacts, and calendar very easily — you can even set it up to do so automatically. And this is all with the free version. If you’re looking for a program that truly allows you to sync all of the data on your Android (or other brand) phones, devices, cloud storage, etc, look no further than the Expert edition of SyncMate.


Best Mac sync apps for Android file transfer

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TunesGO for Android device and Mac OS X computer

Another app to synchronize Android files with your Mac is TunesGO. It doesn't offer true sync between Android and Mac, but it will let you transfer media files between your Mac computer and your Android phone. TunesGO also allows its users to import and back up mobile apps in bulk, and install and uninstall these apps in the program. One can also manage contacts and texts, and backup media files through TunesGO. Unfortunately, this app doesn't work with calendars and contacts, so you cannot transfer this type of data.

Supported platforms: iOS 5 and up, Android 2.1 and up.

Sync options: Allows you to sync music and videos, photos, contacts, SMS messages, apps, podcasts, audiobooks, playlists, and even ringtones.

As you can see, TunesGO has basic sync options to connect Android and Mac computer.

Pros of TunesGO: Allows you to transfer entire playlists with a single click; media files also maintain their quality after transfer.

Cons of TunesGO: Perhaps the most useful feature of TunesGO is its restore backup feature, but this feature is only available on the paid version. The cost of the paid version is either a one-time $49.95 fee or $39.95 per year. Unfortunately, TunesGO also does not allow for true Android to Mac sync.

Conclusion: TunesGO allows you to bypass annoying restrictions when downloading audio files from your Mac to your Android phone. It is one of the better programs out there for the sync Android to Mac process. It also organizes your music library automatically. TunesGO is a fast, efficient program, but its most valuable features come at a price.

doubleTwist for macOS and Android

doubleTwist is an app that allows you to sync media files between your Mac and Android. doubleTwist is a friendly and easy-to-use app, however it will only work with media files. If you’re looking for more sophisticated syncing options, you might consider a different app.

Supported platforms: Mac OS X, Windows, Android.

Sync options: Allows you to sync from Android to Mac with most forms of media, primarily music and videos, across multiple devices, but that’s where its capabilities end.

doubleTwist is a multiplatform sync tool to share multimedia files between Mac and Android gadgets.

Pros of doubleTwist: Supports multiple devices, easy-to-use interface, built-in media player, allows you to share data with other doubleTwist users.

Cons of doubleTwist: Limited configuration options, may not work on all mobile devices.

Conclusion: doubleTwist is primarily aimed at allowing its user to transfer media files across different devices. It has a simple user interface, but limited capabilities when it comes to the file types it supports. It’s a simple-to-use app, but it doesn’t offer many customization options, so keep that in mind.

Commander One

Commander One was developed to allow serious Mac users to easily manage folders and files on their computer. Its primary goal is to allow Mac users to go beyond the capabilities of Finder. This program also allows users to access their NAS devices, and retrieve data from their iOS, Android, and Dropbox accounts, all without leaving the app.

Supported platforms: Mac OS X, Android, iOS.

Sync options: Commander One supports file transfer between Mac, a cloud account, and many mobile devices.

Commander One is a great choice if you need to transfer files from Android devices to Mac in a dual-pane mode.

Pros of Commander One: This application allows you easy access to all of the files both on your Mac, and in your home network. You can move content from your Mac to your Android device via a simple drag and drop tool.

Cons of Commander One: The most useful features of this app are only available in the paid version, which will run you $29.95. It also doesn’t have the capability to synchronize Android files with your Mac; it only allows you to transfer files.

Conclusion: Commander One is a great choice for a serious Mac user. It offers features that many Mac users find useful and efficient. Its primary appeal is its dual-pane interface that knocks Mac’s native Finder out of the water. It’s versatile and easy to use, even for beginners.

MobiKin Assistant

MobiKin’s primary goal is to allow its users to transfer everything from their Android device to their Mac computer for backup. This software is an Android desktop manager designed for Mac OS X that is easy to use and offers a safe way to manage your Android files on your Mac. It does not, however, offer full Android to Mac sync.

Supported platforms: Mac OS X, Android.

Sync options: MobiKin allows its user to transfer call logs, contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos, apps, and documents between Android devices and Macs.

MobiKin is another Android file transfer assistant that you can find rather handy.

Pros of MobiKin: Very easy to use, does exactly what it says it does with very little issues.

Cons of MobiKin: Free to try, but if you want to keep using it, it’ll cost you $29.95. Some users also complain that it’s laggy. Also doesn’t allow to sync Android phone with Mac — just file transfer.

Conclusion: MobiKin is a simple app with a simple purpose: to allow its user to store and manage their files from their Android device on their Mac computer. And it does exactly what it sets out to do, with very little issues.


AirDroid is an app that lets you transfer data, such as photos, music, and more, wirelessly, between your Android device and your Mac or PC. Just install the app on your Android device, and on your Mac, sign in on both devices, and you’re all set.

Supported platforms: Mac OS X, Windows, Android.

Sync options: Supports transferring photos, music, files, apps, SMS texts, and more.

The most useful feature of AirDroid is to transfer Android files wirelessly.

Pros of AirDroid Most of AirDroid’s features are free to use, however, if you’re looking to actually synchronize your Android with your Mac computer, you’ll need to purchase the paid version. AirDroid allows you to forward notifications from your Android device to your computer. It also allows you to send text messages from your computer once your Android device is hooked up, as well as utilize device mirroring.

Cons of AirDroid: Some users complain that AirDroid contains many unneeded, annoying features, and does not offer an extension for Google’s Chrome browser. Also, file transfer is only available with the paid version.

Conclusion: AirDroid’s capabilities are not just limited to file transfer Android — you can also use it to send text messages, make and receive phone calls, and receive app notifications right on your Mac. It’s a handy little app that can increase your productivity by quite a bit.


HandShaker is another app that was primarily created to help its users easily manage their Android devices’ files from their Mac computers. HandShaker essentially allows you to browse the files on your Android when your device is plugged into your Mac, but it is not an application for true Android to Mac sync.

Supported platforms: Mac OS X, Android.

Sync options: HandShaker allows its user to transfer data such as videos, music, photos, downloads, and more. In addition to being able to access their data.

With HandShaker a user can also transfer many types of files between their Android device and their Mac computer

Pros of HandShaker: HandShaker automatically organizes files into categories on your computer, allowing you to easily sort through and transfer files from one device to another.

Cons of HandShaker: Many users complain that the app generally has a hard time connecting to the computer via a USB cable, but no problem connecting over WiFi — while this sounds OK, the app is unable to download large files via a WiFi connection and will prompt you to plug in the USB cable, which it often doesn’t recognize. It also doesn’t allow you to actually sync Android files to Mac — only to transfer.

Conclusion: HandShaker has a very pleasing user interface and is easy to use, even for beginners. It may not have the most features, but it does offer drag and drop transfer, which makes it a good choice for transferring files between an Android and Mac computer.

Bypassing Android to Mac transfer/sync apps altogether: Cloud services for macOS and Android devices

There are also plenty of ways to keep your files up-to-date by utilizing cloud-based services. This method is not a direct sync or transfer option — it adds the step of uploading data to the cloud in order to transfer your data to another device, but it’s generally free, unless you have a ton of data. Several popular cloud services include:

Dropbox: Dropbox seems to be the most popular and reliable cloud storage service available. Dropbox offers enough of free cloud space for an average user to store their folders and files for free. For those users who require more storage, Dropbox also offers very reasonably-priced plans. A great feature of Dropbox is the ability to share your files with those who don't have a registered Dropbox account. Not so great is the fact that it won't store personal data, such as calendars and contacts.

SugarSync: This service offers the storage for your files and folders and lets you share your files with others. One cool feature of SugarSync is that it allows its user to remove all synchronized files from your Mac, in case it is stolen or lost. Same as Dropbox, SugarSync doesn’t work with calendars and contacts.

Google Drive: Google Drive is probably the most convenient cloud storage service that works well with Mac OS X and Android files. It doesn't just upload files, it also works with contacts and calendars. Google offers a very powerful suite of tools that any serious Mac or PC user should check out. Google Drive also has limitations on its users’ storage capacity, but offers reasonable rates for purchasing a greater amount of storage.

How did we rate best apps to sync Android with Mac?

It’s no secret to any smartphone or computer user that Android and Mac OS X do not really get along. Therefore, there are only a few apps available that can properly transfer files from an Android to Mac or vice versa. Things got even more difficult when Apple decided to remove the Sync Service previously offered with their OS. In doing so, they rendered almost all the apps that were able to synchronize Android data with Mac OS X irrelevant. Finding a decent, reliable application to transfer files between your Android device and your Mac is not an easy task, as your options are somewhat limited. These types of programs aren’t as ubiquitous as, say, image editors or video players, so it’s important that you know your options before you download this type of software.

Key factors we considered when choosing the best way to sync Android with Mac:

  • • Functionality. The app must support the transferring of a wide variety of data types. This includes: folders, media, calendar events, and personal stuff like contacts and notes.
  • • Flexibility. Transferring data between two different operating systems is not an easy task. The application you choose should help you simplify this process, not make it more difficult or complicated. Make sure to choose the appropriate application for your needs.
  • • OS support. Both Android and Mac Operating Systems are constantly updated so you need an application that can keep up with and support those updates.
  • • App’s lifecycle. The chosen app for data transfer should come with newly updated versions from the developer in order to ensure a good lifecycle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Without the help of software, syncing your Android to your Mac is indeed impossible. This is why we created SyncMate — to provide those Mac computer users who have Android phones with an option to harness the full capabilities of both of their devices.
With SyncMate, yes you can! This program allows you to sync your Android folders with Mac. In case you need to mount your device as a disk on Mac, you can use MacDroid. This way all folders in your Android will be shown in your Mac’s Finder.
SyncMate was created so that its users could avoid sharing their data with third-party services, such as Google storage. SyncMate’s process is done directly between your Mac OS X and your Android, with no Internet connection even required.
SyncMate runs on your Mac, so the model of Android device you own is irrelevant. It works with Android 5.x-10.x.
We’ve listed a lot of options above that will enable you to sync your Android device with your Mac computer. So, here’s a list of key features that set SyncMate apart from its competitors.
It utilizes its very own, newly programmed sync service
SyncMate doesn’t use third-party apps or storage to sync your data
It doesn’t limit the amount of devices you can connect and sync with your Mac
SyncMate is currently the only app that supports syncing such a wide range of data
As we’ve demonstrated above, Android File Transfer for Mac is an outdated tool. SyncMate was developed as an alternative to this program. So yes, it is a great replacement for Android File Transfer.
Yes. You can sync your devices through WiFi, but also via Bluetooth or USB if there is no Internet connection.
SyncMate offers full integration of all apps on your Android device and macOS. Its features allow you to sync your Android files with your Mac — this includes syncing contacts, photos, etc.
SyncMate is able to perform almost all of the same services that the Google suite offers, but with much greater efficiency. SyncMate allows you to choose the exact account or device that should be synced, while Google services simply updates your data across all devices linked to your Google account.
SyncMate also allows you to choose which folder or group of contacts you’d like to sync, while Google does not. You can also choose a sync direction for each plugin — Mac to Android, Android to Mac, or both.
Thank you for reading through our list of the best apps to synchronize your Android with your Mac. Choose the one that works well for your needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of the data stored on your Android device is safely stored on your Mac computer. In this day and age, our cellular phones have become our primary means of storing important information, so it’s important that we have a reliable way to protect, back up, and store this data. We hope that this article has given you some insight into the best ways to do so.

SyncMate Expert

macOS 10.13+
60.62MB free space
Version 8.8.539 (18 Jun, 2024) Release notes
Download Total downloads: 467,673
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Rank based on 795+ users, Reviews(476)