Check out SyncMate, your new Samsung Kies for Mac

Since Samsung Kies for Mac is no longer available for download, you might wonder which third-party app you can use to keep data synced between your Mac and a Samsung device. We’ve got the perfect Samsung Kies alternative for you - SyncMate. In fact it does the same that Samsung Kies for Mac did, but offers you even more features and functionality. No matter the model of your Samsung device, if it runs Android 4.x-9.x SyncMate will sync it!

Sync Samsung contacts and calendars

Sync Samsung contacts and calendars

SyncMate allows you syncing Samsung contacts and calendar events with your Mac for free. Our Samsung Kies for Mac tool works directly with Contacts and Address Book as well as the Calendar apps thus providing the fastest and safest data transfer.

Sync media and folders

SyncMate Expert gives you the power to synchronize all images (photos included), videos, music, playlists and folders that contain files between your Mac and Android Samsung device. The best about SyncMate is that data is transferred directly between Mac and Samsung, SyncMate doesn't use any intermediary apps or clouds.

Automatic synchronization

SyncMate is a great Samsung Kies for Mac alternative with all of its versatile possibilities. With its AutoSync option data can be synced automatically - just set sync process accordingly to your requirements and enjoy having all data up-to-date without the need to check the phone all the time.

Mount Samsung as Mac disk

Ever wanted to be able to mount your Samsung device running Android on your Mac and browse it as just another external drive with the ability of accessing files easily? Thanks to SyncMate, Samsung Kies for Mac alternative, your smartphone can be mapped to computer and accessed through Finder.

Samsung management on Mac

With SyncMate you can not only sync various data, it also offers the possibility of texting directly from your Mac, fully managing text messages, viewing and exporting call history to a file, and finally, performing a total Samsung backup on Mac.


As we already said, SyncMate does not only perform the same functions as Samsung Kies for Mac, but offers additional options as well. Don't hesitate to check out the free edition of SyncMate and see how it works!

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