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Best Mac synchronization software

Samsung Kies alternative for Mac users

Since Samsung Kies for Mac is no longer available for download, you might wonder which third-party app you can use to keep data synced between your Mac and a Samsung device. We’ve got the perfect Samsung Kies alternative for you - SyncMate. In fact it does the same that Samsung Kies Mac did, but offers you even more features and functionality. No matter the model of your Samsung device, if it runs Android 5.x-11.x SyncMate will sync it!

How to connect Samsung to Mac via USB using SyncMate

Connecting your Samsung phone to your Mac is pretty simple - even though you can no longer use Samsung Kies for Mac. The easiest way to do so without Samsung Kies Mac is by using a USB cable. Just plug one end of the cable into your Android phone and the other into a free USB port on your Mac - then follow our handy guide below.
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Enable USB debugging on your device (you can find out how to do that here).
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Use the USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to a free USB port on your Mac.
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When connecting your device via USB cable, the SyncMate module for Android should be installed automatically.
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Ensure you have launched and turned on the SyncMate module on your device.
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Adjust the connection settings to suit your preferences, then click Apply to save any changes.
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Click Sync to start the sync. You can also choose Selective Sync if you don’t want to sync all your data. SyncMate works like a native Samsung software for Mac to sync whatever data you choose.
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Should any errors occur, you can view the support log and share it with Eltima’s support team.

How to connect Samsung phone to Mac via Wi-Fi using SyncMate

What if you want to connect your Samsung phone to your Mac wirelessly, without using a USB cable? With the Kies app for Mac no longer available, how do you do this? For some people wireless connectivity can be much more convenient - no wires to worry about, and no need to hunt for a USB cable. The quickest and easiest way to do this without Mac Kies is by using SyncMate, and we’ll take you through the step-by-step below.
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First, ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your Samsung phone.
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Next, download and install the SyncMate module to your device.
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ULaunch the SyncMate module and ensure that Wi-Fi Sync is checked.
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You may see a warning asking if you want to accept Wi-Fi connection to Mac (this hapens if the Unknown IPs box is ticked and the Only Allowed IPs mode is set under Access Control). It’s best to select “Yes, add to list” if you don’t want to see this warning next time you connect to Mac, but you can also select “Yes” if you’d rather see the warning every time you connect.
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Enter your device’s IP. You can find this by going to Settings -> Wi-Fi Network -> Advanced Settings.
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Adjust the connection settings to suit your preferences.

Sync Samsung contacts and calendars

SyncMate allows you syncing Samsung contacts and calendar events with your Mac for free. Our Kies app for Mac tool works directly with Contacts and Address Book as well as the Calendar apps thus providing the fastest and safest data transfer.

Sync media and folders

SyncMate Expert gives you the power to synchronize files, images (photos included), videos, music, playlists and folders that contain files between your Mac and Android Samsung device. The best about SyncMate is that data is transferred directly between Mac and Samsung, SyncMate doesn't use any intermediary apps or clouds.

Automatic synchronization

SyncMate is a great Mac Kies alternative with all of its versatile possibilities. With its AutoSync option data can be synced automatically - just set sync process accordingly to your requirements and enjoy having all data up-to-date without the need to check the phone all the time.

Samsung management on Mac

With SyncMate you can not only sync various data like a native Samsung suite for Mac, but it also offers the possibility of texting directly from your Mac, fully managing text messages, viewing and exporting call history to a file, and finally, performing a total Samsung backup on Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, although Samsung Kies for Mac is still available, the Kies app for Mac has not been updated by the developer for a long time following a serious complaint from users that it has some serious bugs. These bugs have been reported to lead to syncing issues that cause loss of data.
Although Mac Kies is no longer available, there’s no need to worry, as there is an app that acts like a native Samsung suite for Mac and can help you to sync data between Android device and Mac: SyncMate. With SyncMate you can choose to sync all your data or selected data, and the app is simple and easy to use.
Smart Switch is a more up-to-date version of Samsung Kies - and is considered as its replacement. It has a few features that Samsung Kies does not have. For example, Smart Switch is much faster and simpler to use than Kies, and it will seamlessly transfer all your data to a new phone - whereas Samsung Kies was generally used to backup to your PC.
The latest version of Samsung Kies supports Samsung devices running Android 4.2. It’s important to note that Samsung Kies Mac does not support Android devices from manufacturers other than Samsung, e.g. Xiaomi Mac.
The latest version of Samsung Kies for Mac is version 3.0. Depending on the Samsung device you are using, you may need to download the earlier version 2.6. It’s important to note that Samsung Kies has not been updated by the developer for a long time, due to serious bugs reported by users. And Xiaomi users know that there is no Mi PC Suite for Mac.
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