Syncing Android Alcatel with macOS is a breeze!

Are you looking for an Alcatel transfer Mac solution that would allow you to have contacts, calendars, music an so on up-to-date without extra effort? There is a way to do that all easily and effectively - you'll never have to waste your time again!

SyncMate can do all of the above. Oh, and it can complete all transfer operations automatically if you want. This wonderful Mac Alcatel synchronization app will update the data in both directions.

If this is something you've been looking for, keep on reading to find out about all sync possibilities SyncMate offers.
Android Alcatel sync Mac
Alcatel synchronize Mac

About SyncMate

SyncMate is more than qualified to perform various Alcatel sync Mac operations. Everything you need to be synced, will be handled in the most professional way. There are also possibilities beyond synchronization that you'll definitely appreciate.

Android file transfer replacement

In order to be able to mount your Alcatel device as a Mac disk and easily browse its contents, you'll just need to connect it to computer with SyncMate. Then treat your mobile device just like you would any other external drive: manage files (including copy, delete and move) with your mouse cursor.

Finder features for Android Alcatel

Use Finder features for your Alcatel

Once mounted, your Alcatel device is just like any other external drive and you can benefit from all the Finder options when working with it: copy files to multiple folders at once, move several folders concurrently, archive multiple files, and more.

Sync Contacts and Calendars

Adding a new calendar event or new contact information is okay once, but doing it on your every device and computer is not fun. With SyncMate you can do it just once and from there the app will take over and make sure the calendar and contact info is updated everywhere you need it to be.

Let the music guide you

Our Mac and Alcatel sync software allows you to bring your favorite music with you wherever you go. SyncMate will sync your favorite tracks between your macOS and Android devices and you'll be able to listen to it any time.

Manage photos and videos

All your memorable videos and photographs are going to be synced between Mac OS X and Alcatel as soon as you connect them. BTW, with SyncMate you don't just get file transfer or synchronization, you also get the possibility to alter your media files! You can adjust image resolutions and convert videos to different formats, selecting codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate before you sync.

Send texts from your Mac

As a convenient added bonus, SyncMate allows you to type your texts on your Mac keyboard. You can also receive, read, and delete text messages without having to look at your phone. You can also expert text messages to a file.

Sync folders

You can synchronize Alcatel and Mac folders containing multiple files in one go. Also you can set one folder to be automatically synced and use it for various files you need to be constantly up-to-date on both devices. Then just throw new files in there and they will be automatically updated on your macOS machine and Alcatel.

Integration with your favorite apps

SyncMate is a reliable app that works directly with the apps it syncs with, no third parties involved. Our Alcatel sync Mac software syncs Address Book and Contacts directly as well as iTunes and Music, which offers more safety for sure.

The icing on the cake

You can automate sync options that you use the most, which will save you even more time. And you won't have to remember to initiate the sync every time you connect your Alcatel to your computer - SyncMate will do all the work for you.

Sync your Android phone or tablet

SyncMate is compatible with any Android 4.x-9.x device. You can sync your Mac with:

Supported Alcatel models

  • Alcatel Smartphones
  • Alcatel One
  • Alcatel One Touch Flash
  • Alcatel OneTouch Go Play
  • Alcatel One Touch Hero
  • Alcatel One Touch Hero 2
  • Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+
  • Alcatel One Touch Hero 2C
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol 2
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol 2 Mini
  • Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 (4.7)
  • Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 (5.5)
  • Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3C
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol ALPHA
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol S
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol X
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol X+
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (5.5) 3G
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (5.5) 4G
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 4 (3.5)
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 4 (4)
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pixi First
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 (4)
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 (4) Dual-SIM
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 (4.5)
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 (5)
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 (5) Dual-SIM
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 (5) NFC
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 (5) Premium Edition
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pop Astro
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop C1
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop C3
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop C5
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop C7
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop C9
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop Fit
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pop S3
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pop S7
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pop S9
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pop Star
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pop Star LTE
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pop Up
  • 1
  • Alcatel 1
  • Alcatel 1c
  • Alcatel 1c (2019)
  • Alcatel 1X
  • Alcatel 1x (2019)
  • 3
  • Alcatel 3
  • Alcatel 3C
  • Alcatel 3V
  • Alcatel 3X
  • 5
  • Alcatel 5
  • Alcatel 5V
  • A
  • Alcatel A3
  • Alcatel A3 XL
  • Alcatel A5 LED
  • Alcatel A7
  • Alcatel A7 XL
  • Alcatel A30 Plus
  • Alcatel A50
  • F
  • Alcatel Flash
  • Alcatel Flash 2


If you are not quite sure whether you need an Alcatel transfer Mac OS X app yet, you can simply download a free version, try it out and decide later.

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