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Try MacDroid - best way to transfer video files

Transfer videos from Android to Mac: 2021 tutorial

Transfer video from Android to Mac | MacDroid
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At first glance, it seems that transferring files from an Android device to Mac is impossible. But in fact, Android file transfer is not such a challenging task. So, you have a folder with videos and photos from your recent trip? Let's figure out how to move it on your Mac.

Image Capture: how to transfer videos from Android to Mac

You may need to edit your videos with an advanced editor on your Mac or just to back up videos from your phone and save some memory. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to move videos to your Mac.

The first way to transfer videos from Android to Mac that starts our list is Image Capture, an Apple native app. It is preinstalled on every Mac, making it easy for users to import videos and photos from other devices.

The following step-by-step guide will show you how to transfer videos from Android to Mac:
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Сonnect your smartphone to the Mac using a USB cable. Then unlock your phone and select "Transfer Photos (PTP)" in the USB notification.
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On Mac, go to the Finder > Application folder and find Image Сapture. Or launch Image Сapture via Spotlight.

Open the navigation pane of Image Capture to transfer videos from Android to Mac.

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Select your Android smartphone under the Devices list on the left column of the app’s navigation pane.
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Click Import pictures and videos.
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Select videos you wish to transfer to your Mac and click Import. By clicking Import all, you will import all images and videos.
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Image Capture will transfer your videos to the selected folder.

MacDroid is the best way to transfer video files

Best way to transfer video files | MacDroid


Requirements: macOS 10.15. 19.47MB free space. Version 2.0.211. (23 May, 2024). 4.7 Rank based on 556+ users, Reviews(439)
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Transferring videos as files is more convenient, so you should use third-party software.

MacDroid is one of the most efficient tools for transferring videos from Android to Mac. What makes it stand out from the competition?

MacDroid offers a bunch of useful features.

It greatly simplifies Android file transfer for Mac operating systems, has an intuitive interface, saves time by letting you edit files on the Android device directly from your Mac computer, and comes with an array of functions. MacDroid is like a bridge between Mac computers and Android devices.

To get started, simply download, install and open the software and connect your Android device. let's take a closer look at how to transfer videos from phone to computer:

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Make sure MacDroid is installed on your Mac.
Connect your Android device via the USB cable.
 Ensure that the devices regognize each other.
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Unlock your phone and choose "File Transfer".
Your phone will display under "Device list" in the MacDroid app.
 Now, there's only one step left before you can start transferring videos from Android to Mac.
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Select your device and mount it. Once the phone is connected, it serves as an external hard drive.
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Now, you can easily move any files from Android to Mac.

What are the alternative ways to transfer video from Android to Mac

If you don't have a cable or it is damaged and you can't connect devices, there are other ways to transfer video. You can use wireless connection methods: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cloud services.

Google Drive is a good alternative that allows easily downloading files from your Android smartphone and saving the backup. It comes with free 15GB of storage, so if your videos take up more space you will have to pay for additional storage space.

Another option you can try is to connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To transfer files wirelessly you need third-party apps.

Here we have listed all the possible ways to transfer videos from Android to Mac. Which one to choose depends on your needs: whether to use a USB cable, move files wirelessly, or with cloud services.

But in our opinion, MacDroid is still one of the best solutions. Using it, Android file transfer is smooth and hassle-free, you get instant access to the internal and external storages and can manage files on Android right from Finder.

MacDroid offers fast and secure file transfers that make it one of the best tools for moving videos between Android and Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

To transfer video from Samsung to Mac, you can use Smart Switch, a Samsung application. However, there are other solutions that can offer you more features. For example, MacDroid, an Android file transfer app. To transfer photos from Android to Mac, you just need to connect your devices with a USB cable.
There are many ways to transfer videos from a smartphone to Mac: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cloud services, and apps like MacDroid. It lets you transfer photos, videos, and music from Mac to Android and vice versa.
AirDrop is available on iOS and macOS devices, so it's not possible to use it to move videos from Android to Mac. But there are third-party apps like MacDroid that allows you to transfer files from Android to PC and Mac.

MacDroid is a great way to transfer photos from Android to Mac. It does not require a lot of time and effort, all you need is to connect your smartphone to Mac with a USB cable, and then you will be able to transfer files between the devices.

You can also use cloud services like Google Drive. This method is suitable for devices running under any operating system. So, it will be a good option if you need to transfer files from Android to Chromebook, Mac, or PC.