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Transfer music from Mac to Android with MacDroid

Music from Mac to Android: transferring guide

Transfer music from Mac to Android | MacDroid
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On morning workouts, long flights, or just when we need to distract ourselves, we often listen to music. If your favorite tracks are stored on the computer, you can move them to your phone and enjoy listening anytime, anywhere. But what if you own a Mac computer and an Android device? There are Android file transfer apps for macOS that take care of the entire transfer process and make it as easy as possible.

How to transfer music from Mac to Android phone using MacDroid

Music from Mac to Android | MacDroid


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The most convenient way to transfer music from Mac to Android phone is using a third-party utility.

If you've built a large music library on your Mac, MacDroid will help you transfer all your media files to Android so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

MacDroid is an excellent answer to

Although Android and macOS are not good for working together, MacDroid makes Android file transfer possible and offers convenient transfer of favorite songs and albums between two different operating systems. Having mounted your Android device as a drive on Mac, you get access to all your media files, can work with entire folders, and edit Android files directly on Mac.

There are two modes for Android and Mac connection. The easy way to connect your Android device is to connect it with the MTP mode (Media Transfer Protocol) that basically allows viewing and transferring files and folders stored on your device.

If you are looking for a faster option, you can choose ADB mode. It stands for Android Debug Bridge and gives you access to the system files of the device.

Follow these easy steps to know how to download music from Mac to Android:
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Make sure MacDroid is installed on your Mac.
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Plug in your Android phone to Mac via USB and then launch MacDroid.
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On your Android device’s screen, a pop-up window will appear. Select "File Transfer".
Choose MTP or ADB mode in MacDroid. Once selected, you’ll see your phone under the "Device list".
 Also it will be checked 'mounted' in MacDroid interface.
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Done! Now you can transfer music between devices.
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When you're done transferring music to Android, be sure to click "Unmount" next to your device in Finder.

Apple Music: an alternative on how to download music from Mac to Android

Apple Music is a streaming service with millions of songs available. It is the default music listening app for iOS devices but also compatible with Android and supports Android phones and tablets running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later.

So, you can easily access your Mac’s media library across all your devices regardless of operating systems. With Apple Music, you can manage your media library, create your own playlists, download songs and full albums for offline listening.

It is a good way to sync your music between devices, however, to use this app, you’ll need to subscribe and pay a fee.

Read about more methods of transferring music from Mac to Android below.

Other ways to transfer music from Mac to Android

When it comes to how to download music from Mac to Android, you can consider Bluetooth and WiFi, cloud services. One of the ways is using Bluetooth. It allows you to transfer small files over short distances wirelessly, but it is far from the fastest way.

Another good way you can try is cloud services. Transferring files from Android to Mac is extremely easy with Google Drive. Select the file on your Mac and upload it to your Google Drive. Then on your phone, go to the Google Drive app and download files from there. This method is suitable for devices running under any operating system.

If you need to transfer music from Mac to Android, you can choose one of the ways above, all are simple and effective. Whether Bluetooth, cloud services, or third-party apps. All things considered, MacDroid provides the highest data transfer speed. MacDroid requires just a few steps to get started, no difficult procedures, all you need is a USB cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use cloud services, Bluetooth, third-party apps, and transfer music using a USB cable. If you’re looking for a quick, simple way, we’d recommend using MacDroid. It is a fast and convenient way to execute music transfer. Additionally, you can transfer photos from Android to Mac using MacDroid.

To transfer iTunes to Android, you will need to install an Apple Music app on your device and it will help you to sync the music library between the devices. Just sign in to the app on your phone with the same Apple ID as on your Mac.

MacDroid is another way to transfer songs from the iTunes library to Android. With MacDroid, you don't have to worry about the transfer barrier between macOS and Android devices. Whether you need to move music or transfer videos from Android to Mac, the app copes with any task.

Most Samsung smartphones come with the option to use an SD card as additional storage. So, to transfer music from Mac to Samsung phone, you can opt for the Android file transfer SD card method and move media files back and forth between your computer and an SD card.

You can also copy music to your device using such apps as Android File Transfer or MacDroid and a USB cable. While there are some issues like "Android File Transfer not working", MacDroid works smoothly and makes moving music from Mac simple and hassle-free.

If your music files are stored on Mac, you can transfer them wirelessly using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cloud services that let you upload music and other files from one device and access them on another. This is a good way to transfer files in case you have a stable Internet.