Are there any Android File Transfer alternatives?

Apple doesn’t offer any built-in option to connect Mac with Android devices, so Android File Transfer by Google is probably the first software Mac users with Android phones install when it comes to syncing data between these devices.

But even though Android File Transfer is developed to transfer data between Android and Mac, it doesn’t work correctly with these devices and hasn’t been updated since 2012.

So is there any Android File Transfer alternative? The only solution we can vouch for and advise is SyncMate. It allows you not only to connect Android as Mac disk, but also to sync data between Android and Mac applications directly.

Give us a few minutes and we’ll convince you that SyncMate is worth your time and attention.

Sync Android with Mac

What is SyncMate

To start with, SyncMate is an app for syncing and transferring data between Mac and Android devices. To say even more, SyncMate supports a great variety of devices for synchronization and is simply indispensable thanks to its multiple versatile possibilities.

Android file transfer alternative

Thanks to the option of mounting your Android phone as a Mac disk, you get to browse its contents in Finder as well as manage conveniently. Copy or remove files from Android directly on Mac by simple drag-n-drop.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Finder functionality on your Android

Everything you are so used to be doing in Finder with your Mac drives, can be as easily done with your Android device: copy or transfer several folders simultaneously, archive a batch of files and so on.

Sync Contacts and Calendars

Let's face it, Android and Mac are not as perfect of a pair as Mac and iPhone, so it is not as easy to synchronize contact info and calendar events between the two. Well, it wasn't easy before SyncMate - now it is a breeze! With this Android File Transfer alternative you can sync all new and edited events as well as contacts between your phone and computer.

Let the music guide you

Or should we say, follow you everywhere? With SyncMate you don’t have to limit your love to the music to your Mac only. Sync tracks or entire playlists to your Android and enjoy them wherever you are going.

Manage photos and videos

With SyncMate videos and images are always kept in perfect sync between your Android and Mac. And it is not just limited by keeping everything neatly updated, SyncMate also offers images and videos conversion to different resolutions and formats. For videos you can select codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate before you sync them.

Texting from Mac

Working on your Mac and need to answer a couple of texts? No problem! You don't even have to pick up your phone for that. SyncMate lets you fully manage SMS messages on your Mac and its full-size keyboard.

Go big - sync entire folders

You don't have to sync each file separately between Android and Mac. SyncMate takes care of your folders synchronization and keeps everything carefully updated between your phone or tablet and computer.

Apps integration

SyncMate thrives on doing all routine job for you. Whether it is syncing contacts or playlists, you can be sure that they will be updated directly in Contacts/Address Book and iTunes/Music, not just transferred as backup archives. SyncMate makes a great Android File Transfer alternative thanks to its true syncing capabilities.

And here's the most exciting news

All SyncMate does for you it can do automatically! You'll only need to adjust the settings according to your needs once and from then on you don't even have to remember about syncing data - as soon as your device connects to your Mac, SyncMate will do its job quietly in the background.


Still thinking about it? Just go ahead and and give Free edition of SyncMate a try - click the Download button below to get started.
We are pretty sure, you’ll like it as much as we do.

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